Prayer 4/5/18

Father, Father we need You!!! We need You, God!!! We need Your Love. We need Your caring hand over us. We need Your Grace today, Father. We need Your mercy now, God. We need Your presence in our life, God. Lord in all You are, we put our trust in You. We know that You can see everything and nothing happens without You knowing. You are Mighty in all that You are, Father. You are able to do miraculous things, Lord. We seek You today God. We look for Your will in our lives. There is nothing good in us without You, Jesus!!! We need Your goodness. We need Your light. We need to renew our minds. We only want You, Lord. We do not want anything that is not of Your will for us to have. We do not want to do things out of Your plans for our lives. Jesus!!! We grow in Your word, Father. We ask that You open our ears to hear Your word today. We ask that You open our hearts to know You more. We ask that You take away our past mentality. Our past afflictions, God. Wash us in Your word. Create us new today!!! We are not haunted by our past anymore. You have save us!!! We ask for forgiveness over ourselves today, God!!! We are not our past. We are not our parents or our present or past friends. You have uniquely made us in You, God. I ask for a revelation of us in You, Jesus!!! Show us who we are in You. Keep us in Your ways. We desire to know You. Our hearts desire to walk with You. Give us more of You and less of ourselves. We are in the world but not of it. We leave our old life behind and accept our new life in You today, God. Grow us into Your will for our lives. Remove all doubt. Remove all guilt. Remove all shame. Remove our pain. Give us Love, Father. Give us forgiveness. Give us mercy. Give us life in You. We accept You as our only God. Every high thing must come down!!! We bring anything down in our lives that is putting itself before You, God. Our job, our finances, our will, ourselves, our sleep, our desires, our hungar, our friends, our family, our vehicles, our houses, anything that we go to before we give ourselves to You, God. We bring it down in Jesus Mighty name!!! We wake up praising You!!! Hallelujah!!! Another day our lives can bring You glory, God!!! We worship You throughout our day!!! Your praise will ever be on our lips!!! We seek You at night and before we rest, Father!!! We want to be burried in You so deep, we only see You!!! Your word says if we put anyone or anything above You, we don’t Love You. You are the very first thing we need in our lives!!! We trust only in You. You will provide for Your children and we thank You, Father!!! We bless and love You today more than yesterday, God. In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!