Prayer 1/15/18

Almighty God we are so moved by You, God and Your purpose for us. We are so grateful You can use broken things, God. That Your plans can not falter. If You have willed it, it will come to pass. We believe and know that Your will for our lives is for good and we accept it, Father. We want to be about our Father’s business. Help us to line up with Your will. Your word states the Holy Spirit will help us to do Your will Father. Help us to receive it and be obedient to it. May we not go against it or question Your will for our lives. We thank You for being a merciful God. We were sinners with no way out. You made a way God, where there wasn’t a way. We know You love Your children, God. Even when we are wrong and lost. We know Your word states You will never leave us or forsake us, Father. That with our deeds and emotions, You are still with us. Thank You for not leaving us in our darkest hours. Thank You for having a purpose in all things and not just some things. You have plans for the obstacles we have to overcome and fight to get through. Help us to see the lessons and teachings out of it. Help us to grow from it and trust in You more, God. May we come to You with everything and lay it at Your feet. We give You our all Father. Our life is not our own, we belong to You, God. More of You and less of ourselves. Bless our families, each other, friends, and Your Church, Father. May there be restoration, cleansing, pruning, growth, guidance, and a love to overcome all obstacles. We bless and love You Father!!! You alone are worthy of all the glory, honor, and praise!!! It’s in Jesus mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!