Prayer 1/29/18

Heavenly Father, we come with a willing heart, God. We thank You for our salvation!!! We know You gave Your only son for us to have life externally with You!!! May our lives give You glory God in all we do. We seek You first God. We know You are the only thing we need in our lives. You are every answer and every way, God. Your blood gave us life were we were dead. In our abilities, our sight, our mind, our understanding, and our works, Father. It’s through Your blood that we are able to pray life, healing, intelligence, visions, spiritual sight, understanding, cleansing, strength, comfort, and for Your will to be done in our lives. We need You, Father!!! We are Your broken, struggling children. We need You to guide us through our paths, God. We need to hear You, Father. Speak to our hearts, Lord!!! We pray for us to be still and listen to You, God. For You alone are good. For He that is in us is far greater than he that is in the world. We ask for You to set a fire down in our souls, Father. That we can’t contain or control!!! We want to burn for You, Lord!!! We want that fire that will spread Your word through everyone we come in contact with, God!!! You have saved us Father!!! You have delivered us out of darkness, we are blessed beyond measure for what You have done and our doing in our lives. God help us to carry our cross daily so we put You above everything!!! Help us to see the Jesus that died for us. That sacrifice that he made with such horrific body mutilation that he endured out of Love for us, Father. Humble us at Your feet, God. We are not worthy of such abounding Grace!!! Touch our hearts God for what breaks Yours. We want to understand. Continue to bless us, our families, friends, and Your church, Father. We bless and love You in Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!