Prayer 3/18/18

Father in heaven. Lord we come to You with a worshipping heart, God. We are humbled in Your presence, Father. You are the Victor of all Victor’s. King of all Kings. Lord of all Lords and the Magnificence creator of heaven and Earth. Glory to God!!! Father we are so thankful for what You have done for our lives. We were dead and You gave us life. God, we thank You for being a way maker and a promise keeper. You are the only thing good in us and good in the world. Praise Jesus!!! God You are the only answer we need. And the only way to the Father. Your word says we can not get to the Father without first going through You, Jesus. You are the doorway. You are the way, the truth, and the life. Jesus!!! You are the conquer of death. You are the everlasting water of life. That quenches a thirst in our spirit that has us thirst no more, God. Thank You, Jesus!!! God Your ways are Greater than our ways. We trust only in You, Father. He that is in us, is far greater than he that is in the world. Hallelujah!!! God You are Love!!! How beautiful You are!!! Lord we ask for You hand to be over us today. We need You, God. Grow us closer to You, God. Bless our families, friends and Your children Father. You know our and their hearts. You know what we need before we can even ask. But You wait on us to grow our faith in You to know that it’s already ours. We just need to reach out and take it. We reach out God and take it. Thank You for being an Awesome God. Thank You for being a restoring God. In You all things are possible. Thank You for being more than enough, Jesus!!! We pray life into each other our families and the future generations of this blood line. God we rebuke the devil in Jesus name!!! He has no place in our lives or their lives!!! He is a defeated foe and has no holds on them. He is a liar and an accuser. We celebrate the victory!!! Glory to God!!! We cast all out troubles on You, Lord. We bless and love You, God!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!