My Love, My Life

If a river was life, you would be the banks that held it together

If passion was a star, you would be the sky that held them

If eyes could say a thousand words, yours would write a hundred books

If happiness was a grain of sand, you would be the beach they laid upon

If a flower was love, you would be the seed that grew that flower

If the moonlight was perfect, you would be the sun that lit the moon

If a cloud was compassion, you would be the droplets that made the cloud

If a single note was a song, you would be a composition

If the act of love was fire, you are the fuel that burns it

If you were to have loved and had no one know of this, may they all perish; for I have seen the fire from which your flame burns

For you are the reason why the sun rises and sets each day, and why there is life where there is death

And why the birds sing the song of love, and why the flowers bloom each year

And why the trees sway in the gentle breeze, and why there is a rainbow after a storm

And why there is love to warm the soul, and forever to ease the heart

And why feelings are so strong, and the reason I have longed, for someone that is just like you

Oh Dear Sweet One, for you have not known this but I do truly love you, for all that I am and will be from now until eternity

Sleep in peace my long awaited one, for now you may rest
Everything later I will confess, till then, My Love rest