Prayer 5/5/18

Glorious Father of heaven and Earth. We come to You this morning ready to learn from You, God. Willing to change and grow into the sons and daughters Your will had intended for us to be. We thank You for our salvation, healing, and life today Father God!!! We plead the Blood!!! Knowing that the price for everything we could ever need for ourselves, each other, and our families has already been paid. We have healing, not just in our physical bodies, but in our minds, our hearts, and in the supernatural realm. Glory to God!!! We have it in all areas we lack in ourselves and in our lives. Thank You, Jesus!!! Father I pray for the sick, the needy, the hurting, the grieving, and the lost. We know that You are not blind or deaf to anything Jesus. We know that You are able to do any and all things above what we could ask, think, or even imagine!!! Hallelujah!!! How marvelous You are, Jesus!!! How wonderous and mysterious You are God!!! Father we pray for the families in this world that are broken and separated. We know that all things are possible through You, Jesus!!! That You are able to forgive us and restore things that have been taken away. Not just things that we can see and touch, but things we feel and think. Father we ask for a new way of thinking to befall us today. Your word says we need to renew our minds daily. We ask for that today, Father. Renew our minds in You that we line up with Your will and Your purpose for us and our families!!! Father we thank You now, standing on our faith that You can and You will for Your children that love and serve You, Jesus!!! Worthy is the Lamb!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! You are the only thing good in this world!!! It’s You that we cast all our worries on today!!! We step back, so You can step in, Father!!! We are human and we lack the ability to be perfect. But You God are perfect!!! With Your spirit in us, we can learn from You Jesus!!! We can be more like You, each and every day. I pray that for our lives today. That we reach out and grab more of You and less of ourselves and we die to ourselves so we may be Your servents!!! Your word says what we have done unto the least of our brothers we have done it unto You. Grow that in us Father. Show is that caring and helping one another serves You and serves a purpose to show Your love to others. That words are not always the way to show people what You mean to our lives. Your word says faith without works is dead. We want to be alive in You God!!! We want to have Your ways be our ways. Hallelujah!!! Thank You for giving us a chance everyday to work at being better than we were yesterday. We can change!!! We can make a difference!!! We need to believe in Your purpose for our lives!!! We need to see You in us!!! We may not think to much of ourselves at times, but each and every time I see Jesus in my mind hanging on that cross, bleeding out His love. That is personal to me. I see His eyes looking at me with love. Him giving me a new life, by Him laying down His life. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! JESUS!!! He died for me!!! He died for You!!! When You look at Yourself or the thoughts of yourself, should reflect that powerful image of how much You mean to God. How valuable Your life is to Him. How much God wants for You to have for Your life. His word says he came to bring us life and for us to have life more abundantly. He doesn’t want You to think that Your life is meaningless or lacks substantial purpose. And that very thought, is a lie!!! The devil is a lie!!! If he can get You to believe that, then he stops God from being able to use You in the way he has purposed You in this world. I rebuke the devil in Your mind today!!! I loose anything that is binding up God’s will for Your life!!! I call upon the Mighty name of Jesus to manifest purpose in Your life today!!! To reveal in You what he has called You to in this life!!! Thanks be to God!!! Thank You Lord for Your children all over the world!!! Thank You for those that are serving You near and far. Bless and comfort those that are away from their loved ones!!! Your strength is made perfect in our weakness!!! We worship You today Lord Jesus!!! We seek You in everything we do!!! Father we bless and love You!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray!!! AMEN!!!