My Sweet One

You are the sugar to my pie, the heart of my eye

You are a scent so sweet, that makes for an elegant treat

In you I find the treasure, one that I will always remember

In you I find serenity, something more than I could sing

Just when I see your face, the flutters inside me start to race

Just when I look into your eyes, it’s more than my surprise

To see what has come to be, when you grabbed my face to kiss me

To see what is a warm embrace, one that could never be replaced

My Dear Sweet One, how I long to hold you close
My Sweetest Love, How I long to be your rose

It’s you that my heart has picked, and in you my life will stick

Close to your heart I want to stay, and on my knees I go to pray

A prayer for more than what life has given, one with solidity and strength within

Lord of the Most High I pray for rest, for My Prince You have always known best

In Your arms I pray him to flee, it is there he is made free

Free indeed he is today, Father I bless You, as I call out your name

Jesus!!! Jesus!!! You are the Way!!! A lamp unto my feet, to always stay

A guide to my path, You are Oh, Lord!!! As salt and light we are in this world

I give you my priceless piece, My Sweet One God, give him peace

Peace in his mind and heart, and in Jesus name he never parts

From Your love and all Your grace, I say amen, as I sing You praise