My Helper

My helper in my time of heart ache, the rest for my soul, I pray you take

The situation that I’m trying to see, I’m not confident, in what I’m to be

Back and forth and to and fro, you would have thought, I was in a bow

Things that appear to be one thing, but deep inside, it’s reality in a dream

For every breath taken is a gift from God, when do we appreciate it, or even give a thought

How much I need You Father, it’s more than anything, in a brother

You are far above what I can see, open my heart’s eyes, I’ll beg and plead

You Lord I need to feel, and not just in theory, but beyond real

I have no doubt that You’re here with me, I feel You close, even when I bleed

Wounds so deep who could know, but you sewed me up, help me grow

My Helper You are great in precision, more than even, a talented surgeon

A Creator beyond my mind, but one who guides me, through sands of time

It’s You Father I need to sleep, for You hold me tight, and hear me weep

Tears that only last a moment, but You my Lord, brought the atonement

Your saving grace that surpasses all, it’s great and marvelous, I dropped my jaw

How could I ever come close, but You Jesus, saved the most

The souls worth the fight in us, bought by the blood, in You we trust!!!

A life that has no end, the promise You made, as You put out Your hand

My Helper, My Savior, God so true
Hold me now and forever, I’ll never be blue

For everyday is a priceless gift, one to cherish, and dig within

Anything in us has to die, as Jesus Christ did, hung up high

A life we can not claim, for Jesus cried out for your name

Forgiven Your life is today, don’t take for granted, and always pray

In Your name Dear Lord, I complete this part, and thank You dearly, for giving me Your heart