A Mother’s Love

A mother’s love is more than special, It’s deeper than a wishing well

From special moments that you share, to times of tragedy and dispare

A mother’s love is far greater than you realize, sometimes invisible, to the naked eye

A love that tends and takes care of,
to a love so strong, just like a bear hug

A mother’s love is all it’s own,
it’s more like snowflakes, falling in snow

From laughter echoing throughout the house, to mom wondering what’s happening, when it’s quite as a mouse

Home cooked meals and homemade dresses, some days she went out, looked just like a princess

Teacher talks and long summer walks, to her being on the phone all day, squawk, squawk, squawk

Moments you thought you didn’t need her, to times when you just hoped, that she’d be there

Tupperware parties and church activities, Ma, you did always enjoy, all the festivities

Cookies, cakes, and pies so sweet,
it was the dough, I always wanted to eat

From sore bottoms to bad report cards, Mom seemed to know best, even when it was hard

Her guiding spirit with tenderness,
stir her up, and she’ll protect her fortress

Warm and comforting you hold her close, and always hoped, she squeezed you the most

Times have changed and I grew up,
but you’re still my Ma, and I’m still your pup

The days will come and the grass will grow, even when I’m upset, I want you to know

I can never change your place in my heart, you will always be my Mom, and not just in parts

God has gifted me with you,
even when we fight, we both still knew

That difficulties can not separate,
what God has brought together, in a form of fate

It was no mistake for us to be together, God protect her, especially through stormy weather

Bless and hold her close,
she is your daughter too, and her name means rose

A rose so beautifully made, God your craftsmanship, was A-Grade

I pray for her to know she’s loved,
especially feel it, from You Father above

Lord, I call upon Your name,
to piece together, what was maimed

A life with struggle and heartache,
when all she needed, was a break

God give her the strength to endure,
through life’s challenges, you made a cure

Your grace is more then enough, for her to bare this burden, even when it’s ruff

Jesus, we thank You for Your loving sacrifice, My Mom needs Your hand, over her tonight

Comfort and restore,
it’s You dear Father, we adore

No other is greater than He,
Jesus we thank You, as we plead

We plead Your blood that washed her clean, give her life, she’s free indeed!

God I thank You now for her life,
she is blessed and loved, in Your sight

I ask for rest, for her weary heart,
God I thank You, for doing Your part

May you sleep tonight Ma, just like a princess, God my Savior that’s my heart’s wish.