Prayer 5/30/18

Father God we desire Your presence this morning. We come to you with a eager heart to learn from You today. We submit our will at Your feet, Lord Jesus. We want to be more like You. Your word declares that we should forgive each other seventy times seven for any offenses. Father I pray that we understand what You have done for us in forgiveness and we remember that when we are dealing with people that have wronged us in our lives. Glory to God!!! Father, we come to You ready to receive more of You and we are willing to be obedient to Your will and not our own. Father I pray that Your guiding spirit inside of us be a beacon to our path and a light into our choices and our actions today. God we give everything to You and cast all our concerns, cares, worries, and obstacles on You today. God we know that even when it looks like You aren’t working You are. Even when we can’t see You working, You are. Hallelujah!!! Thank You, Lord for being a working God!!! A Powerful God!!! A Magnanimous God!!! Father, we worship only You Jesus!!! You are the Savior of the world and the Shepard to Your sheep. Praise, God!!! You are our leader and a servent to Your people. Glory to God!!! We step out in faith and step on anything that is not of You Father. Anything that is working negativity or working things backwards in our lives. We let go of the things of yesterday and reach forward for the things of tommorow. God You love Your children and You are always with us. You are always here to tend to us. Father, we claim victory over our flesh this morning and we grab a hold of You, Father. Our Rock!!! Our unfailing God of the Most High!!! Your word declares that we have the power to bring every thought that comes into our mind, under the obedience of Christ our Lord. Glory to God!!! Thank You for leading us down still waters and green pastures. We will not fear for our Lord our God is with us, no matter where we go. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! No matter how far inside ourselves we go. No matter how deep we dive into the ocean or even past the limits of Earth we are not ever far from You. WORTHY YOU ARE!!! Lord it’s You!!! It’s You that is Worthy!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! We are Your children that serve You. We pray Your will to be done in our lives today. We rebuke ourselves in the name of Jesus for anything we may be working against You. Father I praise You in victory!!! HALLELUJAH!!! Hallelujah!!! No weapon formed against us shall prosper!!! If our God is for us then who, could be against us? We bind up any mentality that is limiting our gifts through You, Father. We grab hold of the gifts and talents You have bestowed on us and we will work those gifts and talents for the Glory of God!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! Father we bless and love You, Lord. In Jesus mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!