Prayer 6/6/18

God, we come in thanks, Father. You alone are God and worthy of all honor and praise. We thank You Father for being more than enough, not just sometimes, but EVERYDAY of our lives and since the very beginning of time. Thank You for Your son Jesus, God, that made us a new creation in Him. Thank you for Your Holy Spirit that helps guide us. Help us to renew our minds, Father. Help us to put bring every negative thought in captivity and to make it obedient to You, God. According to Your word. Remind us of Your power to change us from the inside out. Help us to know in our hearts and minds that You come first God in everything we do. The joy of the Lord is our strength!!! Nothing is impossible for You, God. In You we are a new creation. You have GREAT plans for our lives for Your glory, Father. All we need is You!!! Grow us closer to You, God. Show us the way to release negative, hurtful, displeasing, unrighteous, and worldly thoughts. Breath new life in us today, Father. We need You!!! We come to You, first God!!! Your children are here to serve You Father. May we continue to pour out ourselves, selflessly as Your son. May we rejoice in suffering, because Jesus suffered for us. Bless us, our friends and our families. Help us to be a better example of You in everything we say and do. Heal us of not just physical sickness, but spiritual and mental sickness. Remove anything in us that is not of You God. The devil has no place in our hearts, minds and the lives of our loved ones and friends!!! We pray life into them today, Father. Through You we seek a new life!!! You word said when we were children we delight in childish things, but when we grow up we put those things away. Help us to grow out of ourselves and into You. More and more everyday. We rejoice in You Jesus!!! Today and everyday!!! It is in Your mighty name we pray, Jesus, AMEN!!!