Prayer 6/10/18

God of heaven and Earth. We seek You today, Father. We desire to know You more. To learn Your ways which were above our ways. Glory to God!!! Father we worship You this morning, bringing You all the glory honor and praise. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! We thank You for another day our lives have an opportunity to bring You all the glory, honor, and praise. Jesus!!! We need You!!! Father we come to You as children of the most high. Knowing that You are a good Father that takes care of His children. It is written that You provide of the birds everything they need and You provide clothes for the flowers in the fields and how much more You love Your children and will provide for them. Thank You, Jesus!!! Thank You, Father!!! Father I lift up my brothers and sisters in Christ this morning. I pray that whatever it is they are going through right now, You remind them that they are not alone. You see, You hear, and You will answer and deliver them Jesus. Hallelujah!!! There is nowhere they can go either inside themselves or anywhere in this existence and You not be there with them. Jesus!!! I come into Your presence expecting from You. You are a Great God that can do all things. Things above anything we can ask, think, or even imagine Father God. You have nothing that You can’t do. We trust in You today, Father. We know that if we are going through a storm right now, You are with us. Let us be like You Jesus, sleeping on the boat when the boat was taking on water. I pray that peace into our hearts today. Knowing that our faith is strong enough to move mountains, heal the sick, to walk on water. We have the resurrection power of Christ in us. Holy, Father!!! Holy, Father!!! We can do all things through Christ, our strength!!! Glory to God!!! You won’t give us more than we can handle, Lord Jesus. You won’t put us in situations we don’t have the power ,through You, to get through. It is written we are more than conquers!!! We can get through anything with You, Father. I pray that eyes be opened today. That hearts be opened to receive more of You, Jesus. That our minds are renewed in the Holy Spirit of God. That whatever we faced yesterday, You word says to worry about today. Today has enough troubles all it’s own. Hallelujah!!! We don’t need to worry when we have a Magnanimous God that watches over His children. Worthy are You, Jesus!!! A God that will leave the 99 sheep to go after the one that went astray. Thank You, Father!!! Thank You for chasing after Your children. Thank You for convicting us where we are wrong and pruning us to be the Church, without spot, blemish or wrinkle. We desire to be in Your presence today, Jesus. Our bodies are the temple of the Lord that house the Holy Spirit of God. Hallelujah!!! Glory, Father!!! Thank You for our salvation and the gift of life we celebrate today. Father we pray over our families, friends, our Church leaders, and all the missionaries out in the world that are spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Glory to God!!! Thank You for being a protecting Father!!! Thank You for being Emmanuel, God with us. Jesus!!! Jesus!!! There is power in the name. There is new life today in the name. Thank You for being patience with Your children, Father. Thank You for loving us. Father we bless and love You in Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!