Prayer 6/13/18

Father in heaven. As we end tonight, Jesus I thank You for the things You are working in today Lord. I thank You for the provisions You are setting up for tomorrow Father. Jesus, we humbly come into Your presence expecting You to move in us tonight. We know that You are all we need and every answer we seek. Glory, Father. I pray over my brothers and sisters in Christ tonight, God. I pray for rest, healing, and peace to be in them tonight Father. I pray that they be obedient to You when You put things on their hearts, Father. I pray for their ears to be opened that they can hear Your voice inside of them. I pray for growth in their walk with You, Father. I pray they seek You continually, no matter what they have going on around them. Father I believe and trust only in You and I know You are a good Father to Your children. You are faithful to those that love You and seek You first, Lord Jesus. I pray my brothers and sisters seek You first. That when You wake them up in the night to build a relationship, they obey You in doing that. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Father You are the God that leaves the 99 to search after the 1 that was lost. You are the God of the prodigal son. He once was lost, but now he is found. He was dead, but now he is alive. Thank You, Jesus!!! Father, we have life in You. To be in sin is death, but You offer life everlasting. Hallelujah!!! We grab ahold of that life tonight, God. Beliveing and trusting only in You. Help us to let go of the things we need to give to You, Father. Your word says to not give place to the devil. If we are holding onto something that is giving the devil a place inside of us or a place to work in us. Wither it be our hearts, our minds or our thoughts. I pray it removed in Jesus Mighty name!!! We claim victory over broken emotions tonight. We claim victory over any strong holds the enemy is using for his cunning antics. Jesus!!! You already won the battle. We have already over come these circumstances that we are faces today in all areas of our lives. We have already won, through You Christ Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! I pray that into them tonight, Father. They are more than an over comer and more than conquers in You, Jesus. Father, I pray that their eyes be opened that they can see the love you have for them tonight. I pray they see the men and women of God You have called them to be. I pray light into the darkest areas of them, Jesus!!! And I speak life into them, their familiea, and the generations yet to come in their blood lines. Father, we surrender all to You tonight. Thank You for using us broken. Thank You for holding us in the palm of Your hand. You are our comforter and our strength. Glory to God!!! We bless and love You Lord. In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!