Prayer 6/15/18

Miraculous God of existence. We worship You today God. Hallelujah, Lord!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! We celebrate another day we can bring You all the glory, honor, and praise Jesus. Glory to God!!! Father we surrender all to You today. We lift up high the name of Jesus today!!! No other name is worthy, Father. No other name is holy, Jesus!!! Thank You, Father for giving us breath in our lungs today to praise you. Glory!!! Glory, Father!!! Thank You for our eyes that are opened in You Christ Jesus. Thank You for our minds that are renewed in You today, God. We pick up our cross and follow You. No matter how hard it is at times to do. We grab Your strength today, Lord God. Hallelujah!!! Lord of all creation, we humbly come into Your presence Father expecting You to move in us today. We grow in Your love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness Father. We don’t have to hold all the answers for us to follow You, Lord. Faith is beliveing in things we can’t see or even understand. We know in our hearts You are our Savior, Jesus!!! You have proven in Your conviction of us that You come after those that You have choosen and that are called children of the most high. Glory to God, Father!!! Jesus!!! We look to You today. There are no answers in the world, Father. There is only death, chaos, destruction, and confusion in this world. We don’t look at trying to be apart of something we are to be set apart from in You, God. Hallelujah!!! We belong to You. You paid for us to be free indeed. We are seeking You Jesus, today. We ask for guidance as we step out in faith, beliveing and trusting only in You. You are a God that works above our ability to think or even imagine. Holy Father of heaven and Earth!!! Father we hold nothing back from You today. We give it all to You. Father, we are obedient to You and give You the first offering of what You bless us with in our job and in our lives. May we not take for granted our health, our talents and gifts, our jobs and families, our bodies and minds, and our hearts and Your Holy Spirit, Christ Jesus. You have made us so unique and wonderful. We appreciate our differences and we thank You for the people and places You have called us to be apart of. Glory to God!!! Your body consist of many different parts and functions. Thank You for the diversity You have in the ones You have called. Father I pray we open our hearts to love like You, Lord. That we see Your children as You see them. I pray we rebuke the thoughts that puts us separated from those that are not like us. Your word says we have the power to bring every thought under the obedience of Christ our Lord. Thank You, Father!!! Grow us in Your mercy to be slow to speak, slow to anger, and eager to listen to one another in Love and compassion. Thank You, Jesus!!! You hear us cry out to You, “Aba!!!” Father, we need You!!! There is so much that we don’t understand that happens in our lives and in the ones close to us. I pray today, Father that we wash our hearts in Your blood knowing that Your ways are above our ways. Even through the storms we will not be moved. Your strength is enough. Your grace is enough. For us to stand strong. Believing and trusting only in You, Lord Jesus!!! We rebuke the devil and his lies today, Father. We are able to do all things through Christ in us. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! We don’t have to be perfect for You to use us, Lord. Your Word shows us You can use broken people of all diversities. We grab hold of that today, Father God. Knowing that even though we are struggling in our minds, hearts, and flesh today. You are a God that is unfailing and unwaivering. You do not change when we lose hope. You don’t falter when we give up on faith. You are the same yesterday, today and forever!!! Glory, Father!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! It’s, You!!! It’s You, Jesus!!! We want to be closer to You, Lord. I pray that You open our hearts today more than ever before and pour into us. We don’t always know what to do, Father. But, You are a God that knows all things. You are a God that can work in us, no matter what we have been through and in the things we can’t see in us. Father, I pray for You to reach in us today and bring what’s in us out into the light so we can deal with and understand what needs to leave in us. What we need to let go today. We call upon Your Mighty name, Jesus!!! You can do what we can’t do. Bring out our brokenness that we can glorify You in over coming. We worship You in cleansing us today, Father. We know You are a God that works in all things. Glory to God!!! Everything that we have suffered through. Anything we had to fight to get through. You were there. Hallelujah!!! You saw us break down. You heard us cry, when no one was around. You held us when we were in a dark place of solitude and isolation. Father!!! Father!!! I cry out to You today!!! I want to be what You have called me to be!!! I can do this!!! I don’t want to have my plans for my life, Lord. I want Your plans for my life. Break me down, Father that You can build me up in You, Father!!! Pull out of me what is not going to be working in Your will, Father. More of You and less of me. Set my soul on fire for You, God!!! Burn inside of me so strong that I can’t contain my appreciation for Your Spirit, Love, and mercy Father. Mercy, Lord Jesus!!! Mercy!!! Mold us in the ways we need to grow. We have everything in You, Lord. We lack nothing in You!!! Father we forgive each other today. It is not our place to judge people or think they deserve punishment over ourselves. When You gave us forgiveness when we deserved death, Father. We forgive them today, God. Release us from that spirit of unforgivingness and bitterness. That mentality of vengeance and retaliation, Father!!! Vengeance is mine, says the Lord!!! The battle belongs to the Lord!!! Father we stand strong, knowing that You will take care of our battles. We don’t need to be outside of Your will. We line up with Your will today, God. We grab hold of Your will today, Father. We bless and love Father!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!