Prayer 6/22/18

God of all creation. We humble ourselves in Your presence. Lord we marvel in Your mysteries today, Father. We open our minds to receive You more today, Jesus. We worship You Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! Glory, Father!!! We renew our minds in You today, Father. We take off our old mentality and we put on a new mentality in You, Lord. We don’t want what this world has to offer us. We want what You have to offer us. The God that wants us to have life and life more abundantly. Thank You, Lord!!! Thank You for having purpose and intent with everything we go through in our lives. Father we cast all our cares, worries, and desires on You today. We know that You are more than enough. You are everything we could ever need, Jesus. Father we pray to know You more. We seek You, Lord Jesus. We know that we have to continually combat ourselves to be what You have called us to be in You. Give us a new normal. Let us not accept the worldly concepts over Yours. Glory to God!!! Father I pray we get control over our minds today and stand on Your word. It is written we have the power to capture every thought and bring it under the obedience of Christ Jesus. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! That includes things we have seen and gone through in our lives. We have the power to cleanse ourselves in You, so much so, we transform into something that is made new in You, Father. That’s a process. It’s not going to happen overnight. As we seek you more and dig out of us anything that is not working for the progression of Your will, Father. Grow us in Your grace that is enough for us to believe in Your ability to work in us and in all things relating to our lives. Lord, have mercy!!! Forgive us Father for not wanting to be better people than we were yesterday consistently. Forgive us for not having control over ourselves enough that our mood or emotions are not affected by the moods and emotions of the people around us. We pray for control over our reactions today. We don’t give place to people to stir up our emotions. We remove that power from them in Jesus mighty name!!! Give us Your strength to stand strong and help those that are lost and suffering. For us to understand what other people may be going through and have compassion instead of anger toward one another. We haven’t walked in anyone’s shoes but ours, Father. You are the only one that can judge or punish us. Father, I speak into the situations that are being faced today that we see victory in You and walk out the overcoming that is taking place right now. Father God I pray that we not be stuck in the negativity of the circumstance, but rise up in faith. Believing and trusting only in You and not look behind us, but reach out to You Father in Your for will for our lives today. Victory!!! Hallelujah!!! Father we cry out with a warriors cry knowing You have already won for us!!! The battle belongs to the Lord!!! HALLELUJAH!!! THANK YOU, JESUS!!! You are more than sufficient for all the needs and desires we have, Lord. We lift up each other to You today. You are able to work in the most complex notions and in the most intricate sectors of our essence, Jesus. Renew our spirit today. Anoint us with a purpose, a vision, understanding, clarity, intent, love, and a direction in which to go. You are the God that leaves the 99 for that 1. I’m that 1, Jesus!!! You came to find me!!! To give me more than what I settled for. More than what I could give or do for myself. When we settle for what is outside of Your will, we settle for less. Father I pray that we not accept that as our direction. I pray for a complete supernatural change of course in our lives today. That we come full circle and line up with Your will for our lives. Hallelujah!!! Glory, Father!!! Jesus!!! Jesus!!! We have the power of life and death in the words we speak over ourselves and into each other. I pray we open our eyes to see that and take heed to Your Word for what actions we are held accountable for. Convict us Father for things that do not reflect You in us. Break us, so You have build us up the right way in You. There is purpose in the trails we go through. There is strength in leaning on You, God. You are unfailing and never changing!!! Glory to God!!! Father!!! It’s You!!! It’s You!!! You are the only God we serve. We pick up our cross today and follow You. Where ever You need us to go, we will go. We are obedient to You. You are the lamp unto our feet and the light unto our path. We can do nothing apart from You. Thank You for being patience with us and giving us all the resources we need in You, Father. We only need You!!! You can sustain us past anything in this world. It is written man can not live on bread alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Thank You!!! Thank You, Father!!! We bless and love You, Lord!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!