Writting : Fishing Net

God tends to us, like fishermen that tend to their nets. Fish break through, but the fisherman sew up the nets to use again. God has us out there to catch souls. When some break through, He is faithful enough to mend the holes and cast again. Cause the net isn’t destroyed, only permeated. Only some get through, not all. God will still take what’s left and mend it to be used over, and over, and over again. There is a purpose in that. If you stitch over another stitch, then it’s a double stitch. Then it happens again, it’s a tripple stich. Each time building on what remains. Making what’s there stronger and stronger. It wasn’t custom to throw away broken nets. It was custom to “repair” them. Why would you think God would ever throw you away? He didn’t just make you to be “broken” He made you strong enough to withstand the “permeation”, but not be destroyed. You could still cast a broken net and catch whatever, but God wants more than what you do. He said you should have life and life more abundantly. Wouldn’t that imply you taking and making more than what you are working with? What are you working with? You are working with what God gave you to work with. God doesn’t make mistakes!!! He gave you everything you need to work with, and within His means for you. What if God is trying to mend you? What if you are keeping Him from making you “successful” or making you “whole”? If the net could talk, what would it say? Would it want to be made “whole”? Why don’t you want to be “whole”?