Prayer 7/15/18

Immutable God of existence. Glory, Father!!! You are unchanging and perfect in every way. You are the God of eternity that created time. Glory to God!!! You are a God that operates in infinity. Something we can not even understand. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Thank You for being magnanimous and marvelously present in this existence, Lord Jesus!!! It’s You we praise. It’s You we worship. Worthy, You are, Lord!!! We surrender all to You. Everything that we think is ours is Yours, Father. You can take everything away from us at Your Will. You can take children, mother’s, father’s, brother’s, sister’s, our health, our possessions, and our jobs or ability to provide for ourselves. They all belong to You. Every creature, every creation and creeping things that crawls on the Earth belongs to You. We are at Your mercy, Dear Father. We take nothing for granted. We believe and trust only in You and Your abilities. You have complete control over everything. There isn’t anything that You can’t work in. Your word says You are a God that works in all things. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Father open our hearts to learn of You more today. We desire to walk with You in all areas of our life and we give You our time. It’s Your first over everything else. You are Jehovah-jireh, a providing God. You are able to provide anything and everything we need. You are all we need. You fed Your children waiting to get to the promise land Mana from the heavens every day for 40yrs. Glory, Father!!! You made a rock produce water for them to drink. Hallelujah!!! You word says for us not to worry about our clothes, food, or provisions for You provide for the birds of the air and clothe the flowers of the field. How much more You love Your children that You will care for us. Father forgive us for having little faith in beliveing in You and what You are doing for us today. We know that we doubt because Your ways are above our ways. Father I rebuke that mind set. We wash our minds today in Your Word, Father. We believe that no matter what we have to face, endure, or go though. You are faithful to bring us through victoriously. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Father You are a Way Making God and nothing is Impossible for You. Glory to God!!! Father I speak this over this family, Father, Your family. That we open our hearts to receive You more today and stand on Your truth. Your truth that is unmovable and that is constant and never changing. You are the same yesterday, today, and forever. Your abilities do not diminish over time, Father. You are just as powerful as You ever have been or will be. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Father, forgive us for not understanding You. Forgive us for being so narrow minded in serving You. Father use all of us!!! We are Your first!!! We are here as a gift from You and Father I speak that over this family that we do not take that life and the breath in our lungs for granted. Glory, Father!!! We have a calling and a purpose in You. We seek that today. We believe and trust only in You, Jesus!!! Thank You for giving us such attention that You are always in us and around us. There is never a time we are away from You. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Father, we bless and love You!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!