Prayer 7/17/18

God of creation. God of the supernatural realm. We call upon the name of the Lord this morning. Jesus, we serve You today. We are grateful for deliverance that is happening in our lives right now for what we are accepting. Glory to God!!! We are humbled in Your Greatness for what You have gifted us in our life, our purpose, our Salvation, and Your love Dear Lord. We want what You have already set out for this family, Father. We give no place to the devil in this family!!! He will not take away what is not his. This family belongs to the Lord!!! He does not have a place here, there is no room for him here!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! He is not allowed to pour into the minds, hearts, and ears of this family. To speak against Your purpose in this family, Father. We rebuke him in Jesus Mighty name!!! You come after the children that are Yours, God!!! You have come after us and we surrender to You!!! We give it all to You!!! Father we bless this house!!! We bless this family!!! For what the devil meant for evil, You Father, will turn it around for good!!! Hallelujah!!! Glory, Jesus!!! Father we seek You today. We need answers for things we are sorting out today. Father give us discernment over decisions we have to make. Your word says in all our getting to get a good understanding. To have good judgement. I pray that over this family today. That no matter what we are having to go through, we use good judgement in the decisions we make. Knowing we are held accountable for every decision we make and things happens from those decisions. Father we pray for a new start today. A fresh breath of You, Jesus to be in us. Father Your breath is in our lungs. The power of life and death is in our tongues. Let us speak over each other as if we were speaking to You, God. We speak life into this family and into the generations coming out of this family. Father You have Great plans for this family and we stand strong knowing what You have revealed. Father we believe in You!!! We trust in You!!! We grab onto Your Word Father!!! We do not doubt You in any frame of our lives. You have always been there with us. Everything served a purpose. We accept that and move into a new level with You, Father. We release all unforgivingness, bitterness, regret, guilt, shame, insignificance, worthlessness, and grief today. We hold onto You Father for peace, comfort, joy, and validation today. We have a calling in You. That is who we are, not what we have been through. You saw the pain we had to endure. You saw every tear that fell on our cheeks, Lord. You heard us cry for another way, another life. You heard us fighting to stay alive. When we wanted to die, to be a victim of our self destructive behavior. Why should we care, when no one that was to care for us did? We wanted to be forgotten. We wanted to be invisible so we didn’t have to deal with more than what we had. I pray that enough is enough!!! There may be pain in the night, but joy is coming in the morning!!! Glory to God!!! Light is coming to stay!!! Darkness will be but a memory in this family. Father I pray into our hearts a new beginning!!! A new life for us to prosper in. One that You will have us bare good fruit in. One that we will see love in. One that will spring riviers of living water out of us, to You be the glory, Father!!! The old life has passed away. A new life we have in You, Jesus!!! A home that is not divided!!! A home that is united, peaceful, joyful, organized, profitable, structured, and loving!!! Father we pray with an open heart to receive You more in our lives. We believe and trust only in You!!! We are not able to do anything good without You, Jesus. We praise You today!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Glory to God!!! Father we are at Your mercy!!! We want nothing that is outside of Your will for our lives. We admire Your power, Your infinite knowledge and Your immense magnitude of possiblities!!! Holy Father!!! Worthy Lamb of God!!! We Glorify You, Jesus!!! From Glory to Glory!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! We thank You for giving us a new mind today, Jesus!!! We thank You for Your word that is guiding us into Your will for our lives today!!! We thank You for our provisions and our health today, Jesus!!! We pick up our cross today and we follow You!!! We step out today in faith knowing You will never leave us or forsake us!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! We bless and love You, Lord!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!