Prayer 7/19/18

Sovereign God of heaven and Earth. We are humbled in Your presence today, Father. We surrender all to You today. Father open our hearts to receive You more today. We need more of You with us everyday. We can not grow without You pouring into us Your Word, Your Truth, and Your Life Jesus. We are not of this world. We are set apart, as salt and light. We are to be showing You in a reflective form to others around us.
Father, thank You for the security we have in You!!! You are true in the entirety of who You are. You are the Great I Am!!! We believe and trust only in You for what You are calling us to do and what You are working in our lives. Father we step back and let You take control over what we have in front of us today. We step out with Your guidance and not our own. You are the one that knows all things!!! We are narrow minded in our carnality. Break us for thinking within our limitations. Give us the vision we see in You and Your love for us, Father. We worship You for being more than enough for anything we face today and what we have to face tomorrow. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Father, You are Lord of Lords and King of Kings!!! Nothing gets to the Father without going through You, Jesus!!! Glory to God!!! I lift up this family up to You, Father. You understand what we feel today. You know what we struggle with. You see us trying to bring understanding to what You are calling out of us. Father I pray for discernment in what You require of us. I pray for clarity in what we need to see, in order for us to line up with Your will, Father. We have faith in You!!! We don’t have to see You to know You are with us. Your word speaks that into us. Father I pray we seek answers in Your word today. That we not seek answers in anyone, but You. Your word says we are not to seek counsel from the ungodly. Give us our voice to speak to You about things that are hard for us to say. Break the fear in us for what we hold back from You. Father we have one chance to fulfill what You have purposed in us. We don’t get to have this life again. I pray we maximize this life and today be the day that we give all of ourselves to You. This family belongs to You, Father!!! We are at Your mercy!!! We are only here, because Your purpose allows us to be. For no other reason, we are here. There is nothing profitable in this world. All the rewards and treasures we are seeking are from You and they are not in this world, Jesus. Father, they are in You!!! Glory, Father!!! Worthy, Lord!!! Worthy!!! We do not operate outside of Your will!!! We rebuke ourselves for thinking we have more time to operate in Your purpose. You call us now!!! We come, Father!!! We obey You!!! We fight everything in our flesh to come to You!!! We ask that we stop fighting Your gifts and callings on this family, Lord. We turn the battle over to the Lord today. It belongs to You!!! We fight for Your plans for our lives!!! The devil is a lie!!! We are nothing apart from You. It is written if we do not remain in You, we are like a branch that is thrown away and withers, such branches are picked up, thrown into the fire and burned. If we remain in You and Your words remain in us, ask whatever we wish, and it will be done for us. Glory, Father!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Jesus, we worship You for being our Savior and gifting us a life that we gratefully turn over to You, for Your glory to shine through us. Jesus!!! We are but Your vessels that You have crafted for Your Holy Spirit to be housed in. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit that guides us and communicates directly to You!!! Glory Father!!! Your word says that we know not how to pray, but our spirit intercedes for is in groaning that can not be spoken in our tongue. Holy, Father!!! We have everything we need in You, Jesus!!! We bless and love You, Lord!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!