Air Between Us

Your place in my heart,
Warms me, in the deepest parts

Your voice in my ear,
Is always the one, I need to hear

Your love of my soul,
Gives me place, makes me whole

Your acceptance of who I am,
Brings out a part in me, so I can stand

A strength that is but weak,
Gentle to a touch, resting on your cheek

Nothing could stare me down, my eyes reflect, an inner crown

When you see life from a thrill, you miss the part, of something real

To believe in something close, the blowing wind, seems to know

Air can’t even come between us, we are melded together, completely pressed

No room for impurities, flaws, or even dust
I long to be more, ageless, that never rusts

Gifts are given and never taken,
Your soul has a gift, and mines awakened

Your essence near me, I close my eyes
I can always see you, it’s the best surprise

To give completely, is to surrender
I no longer fight, but I hear thunder

Things to come into my life,
I deny you nothing, I give you my knife

To cut and shape, I no longer can
I give completely, to an honest man

God hold me close to You,
Make me a new creation

Give me Your breath,
In my lungs of inspiration

To speak out Your purpose in me, and not forget, the center of my tree

The Tree of Life You gave to me, my place there, is life everlasting

You see into me, into my deepest seed,
You see everyone, in my family tree

Never because of mine,
You are forever my first Love,
The love that is first in time

Time created in Earthly places, doesn’t change a God, without spaces

Space doesn’t exist, when God alone, will insist
To Him is due all the glory, every breath, for He is Holy

I feel You close, I know it’s true
God I don’t need to ask, because You picked and choosed

We are not here by some mistake, we are here only in part, of Your Saving Grace

God break us open to be what’s in us, believing and trusting in Your Love

Rivers of living water flow from within, never ceasing, only begins

Cycling in Your mysterious splendor, Lord of Hosts!!! God of Grandeur!!!

Father of Lights!!! Jehovah-jireh!!! Immanuel!!! You are my Father!!!

You stitched me before flesh was made veil, you hold and kiss me, when I am frail

Nothing can permeate, what You have done, it was a gift of Your Only Son

Jesus!!! Lord on High!!! We thank You!!! For never turning, a blind eye

Our Savior!!! Our Truth!!!
We hold onto You!!!

Redemption!!! Love!!!
There is nothing we can do!!!

What we have, we lay at the alter,
We are Yours, and we do matter!!!

Rest in You we have today, peace and love, as we pray

To God be the glory, He is Holy, we cry out, LORD YOU’RE WORTHY!!!