Prayer 8/20/18

Mysterious God of the universe. We marvel in Your Glorious Splendor. We are breath taken by You, Lord. We give You all the glory, honor, and praise today, Jesus. Hallelujah!!! Thank You, Father!!! Mercy O’ Lord!!! We desire to be in Your presence today, Jesus. We long to speak and walk with You. Just as we do with ourselves and other people around us. We won’t ignore You, God. We won’t turn away from You. We speak with our spirit to You without even knowing that we do. Your Word says that our Holy Spirit intercedes for us in pray and in bringing about Your will. We know not what to pray for, for ourselves, but our Holy Spirit does and it speaks straight to You. Glory to God!!! Father we worship You in all that You have done, are doing and will do for Your children that seek and love You. Hallelujah!!! Jesus!!! I cry out knowing and believing in You and what You are able to do, exceedingly abundantly more than anything I could ask, think, or even imagine. Glorious God of Heaven and Earth!!! I know You know our hearts through and through. You know every part of us that is struggling against You and the way we used to be. Father You know where we are broken and where we are hurting. You know where we are tired and where we are wanting to give up. Father I pray knowing that Your love, plans, purpose, vision, and life for us far pass what we are going through right at this very moment. We pray that Your life and Your love pour out over us today. That we feel Your peace, love, grace, comforting hand, and guidance as we continue to step out in faith for what You are calling us to. Father I pray that our eyes be opened and that we receive Your plans for our lives. Your word says Your plans are for good and to prosper us and not to harm us. Father I pray a vision into our hearts today for where You are taking us and this family, Lord Jesus. You alone are able to make ways where there wasn’t one. You alone are able to open doors that no one can shut. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Father You have a calling in us. You are pulling us out of yesterday and having us reaching for a tomorrow we has never seen before. Comfort us Jesus. Thank You for taking us by the still waters, and leading us into green pastures. You restore our soul, Father. Our cup runs over for what You are continuing to do in our lives. God wash our hearts today. We take the new heart You have for us. We only have but to accept it in Your name, Jesus. One that will regenerate no matter the circumstances. It will always be fresh, able, and willing to bring about the perfect will of God. Jesus, I rebuke all fear that is working inside of us today. The devil is a lie!!! We have everything we need to do what You, God are calling us to do. We have what it takes!!! We are children of God!!! Father in Jesus Mighty name I remove this spirit of failure that has been lingering on us. Through You, all things are possible!!! We can do all things through Christ our strength!!! You have made him in Your image and You are not a God of mistakes!!! You are a merciful God!!! You are a loving God!!! You are everything we needs, Jesus!!! You are the Vine and we are the branches. All life and fruit comes from You, Jesus. We have only to remain in You and You remain in us. Glory to God!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! I break generational curses today in this family!!! We are not where we came from and we are not what we have done!!! Jesus I pray a fresh anointing fall over this family today as we step out beliveing and trusting only in You and Your abilities. Not our own. We cast everything on You and take on Your yoke which is light and easy. You carry the weight, Father. We just have to keep pushing towards Your victory in our lives, that we already have in You. Glory, Father!!! Worthy, Jesus!!! God You are so good to Your children!!! You provide a way out of every situation!!! No matter what it may look like or wither we have the means to get out or not!!! This family is a God fearing family!!! As for me and my house, we serve the Lord. We are obedient to You, Your Word, and Your life in us. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! We bless and love Lord!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!