Prayer 9/7/18

God of eternal life. We value and appreciate Your love, grace, mercy, hope and peace. Father, there isn’t anything we can do without You. We need You!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! There is no way we could ever be able to do anything on our own or apart from You, Jesus!!! You are the Way, the Truth, and the Life!!! We believe in You and walk in our life that everlasting in You. Glory to God!!! We worship You today believing and trusting only in You. You are the only thing that will never fail us or ever leave us as we struggle with ourselves, Father. You see what it is that we fight ourselves with. You see our minds, hearts, and emotions and how we question ourselves to think if we are right and if we are going to get something out of the risks we take. In love, with relationships and people, with our job and our direction in life. Father, I pray over this family today knowing that You are a God that already knows what we need before we even pray. Hallelujah!!! That You are a God that can see into all areas of time and space. We put it all on You, Lord!!! We seek answers only in You and we will do what You ask and require of us for Your will to be done in our lives. Holy You are, Jesus!!! Father, we bring out any doubt, fear, negativity, or anything that is not working for our good. We pull it out of us, Father. You are a God that operates in faith and belief in You. We believe in You, Lord Jesus!!! We know that the price You paid was for our debt that we could never repay or earn. That we were gifted with the release of being dead in sin. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! I pray our hearts be opened to receive more of that gift today. It’s hard for us to fully understand Your ways, which are above our ways. We seek clarity, understanding and peace in You, Father. We will not give up on us for what You are calling us to!!! You have called us into greatness with You and we are Your children that one, Father!!! Your Holy Spirit in us will guide us to be made perfect in You!!! Glory, Father!!! Glory!!! We lack nothing in You!!! Your word says we are fearfully and wonderfully made!!! Thank You, Father!!! Thank You for being so personal with Your children!!! Thank You for being a Good Father when we didn’t have one. Thank You for being able to carry us through to this point we are at now. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! We rebuke our mentality that we did it by any means for ourselves. You have help shape our minds into making better decisions and better choices for us to have what You have promised us. You came that we might have life and life more abundantly!!! This family claims that today, Father!!! We claim the victory over the trails and difficulties we are facing and will face. You have already won, and the battle belongs to the Lord!!! Jesus!!! Jesus!!! Jesus!!! We praise and lift You high!!! You are the name above all other names!!! You are the Holiest of Holies!!! We humble ourselves in Your presence and pick up our cross to follow You!!! We think outside of our flesh and seek You in everything we do. We bring You into our lives on a personal level. To be our companion in our journey. You word says You have called us friend. We are in relationship with You. We valve that relationship, Father. Jesus gave us the doorway to get through. Our prayers go up like smoke to You!!! You can smell the sweet smell of our prayers and receive them in Jesus Mighty name!!! We bless and love You, Father. AMEN!!!