Prayer 9/12/18

Father of life and life everlasting. Jesus, we come to You with an open heart and an open spirit for You to pour out over to us tonight. We worship You Dear, Father. Not just in what You have already taken and provided for us, but what You are still doing in, with, and through our lives. Hallelujah!!! Glory to God!!! Jesus, we praise You knowing that we would not have life and life more abundantly without You. You are the Word made Flesh. We praise You for Your Word, Lord!!! We need Your Word. We can not live my our own means alone. We need to eat from You what You have provided for us. Father I speak light into each and everyone in this family. Those generations here and those to come. We are to be salt and light in this world, Father. We don’t take that lightly. You allow us to be in circles that we have the ability to impacted them in a Godly way. One that they can tell we are different from all the rest. Glory, Father!!! You do that on purpose. We are apart of Your city set on a hill. One that can not be hidden. Hallelujah!!! Father, no matter how we feel about ourselves stepping into situations we may not feel comfortable in. That’s not what’s it’s about. It’s never about how we feel. It’s about our lives bringing You all the glory, honor, and praise!!! Jesus!!! Jesus!!! We go against our flesh and learn a new way. You are to get every opportunity out of us, for Your glory to shine through!!! Glory, Father!!! We step out of ourselves to continue thinking we can do it alone and by ourselves. We need what You provide for us and what You are bringing into us. If we reject what You have for us, Father? Than what do we really have? Your word says we have nothing apart from You. I pray that into us tonight. That we wash away all of our pride to think we need to save ourselves. Jesus, You are the only one that saved us. I rebuke this mentality of us needing to be enough for ourselves. Father, I pray a new breath of life in us tonight. That we continue to seek and grow in what You have for us and not what we think we need to have or things we need to do to get more for ourselves. Jesus, You are the way, the truth, and the life. We only need to believe in You and everything will be provided for us. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Father grow us in Your love tonight. Break us open to see how much value our lives really have for You. We are Loved!!! And we are everything You have created us to be. You are pulling us into Your will and I thank You for always being what we need!!! Glory, Father!!! Jesus, it’s YOU!!! It’s You!!! You are worthy!!! You are Glorious!!! You are more than enough!!! Your Grace is more than enough!!! We bless and love You, Lord!!! In Jesus Mighty name I pray. AMEN!!!