Prayer 9/14/18

Kind and Gracious Heavenly Father. We come in surrender tonight, Jesus. We lay it all at the alter tonight. We praise You, Lord. You alone are worthy!!! You alone are Holy!!! Holy!!! Holy!!! Holy!!! You are forever our King, our Savior, our Lord, our Father, and our Life. We are dead without You. There is nothing good in us without You. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Thank You for being the light inside of us today. Thank You for being the light inside of us right now. You have already provided everything we need, Jesus!!! We trust You!!! We believe in You!!! We know without a doubt that You are our Redeemer. We know that old things have passed away and we have a new life in You. We know that Jesus is our Doorway to get to You, Father. Glory to God!!! We come with confidence in You and what You are calling us to and doing in, with, and through our lives today. We rest knowing that You are in control. You are working everything for our good in us as we seek and love, You. Father I pray a renewing of our minds in You today. As we reflect on Your generosity, Your love, Your grace, Your new mercies, and Your Word. We don’t want to be outside of Your will for us today. We line up with Your will tonight, Father. We don’t know how much time we have to bring about Your purpose in us. We will not waste another chance to give You all the glory, honor, and praise with every thought, deed, and action we do. We fight ourselves, Lord. We have to die to ourselves and grab what You have for this family. Father we grab and accept what You have for this family and what You are wanting out of this family tonight. You have made us the head and not the tail. You have made us above and not beneath. Glory, Father!!! We are Your children above all other jobs or titles. I speak that into us tonight. That is who we are. Your children, Father. Son’s and daughter’s of the Most High God!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! We are fearfully and wonderfully made!!! Father I pray strength into us, unlike we have ever had before. I pray for us to be able to see what You see in us, Lord Jesus. Break open our minds to see what You are calling us to. Give us a vision for ourselves and this family. We are worth defending!!! We are worth protecting!!! We are worth providing for!!! We are worth Your love that You have in us!!! A love that is not earned, it is a gift. A gift that I pray our hearts receive tonight. You created us in Your imagine. Your image of greatness, valor, humility, strength, integrity, victory, leadership, confidence, boldness, provision, power, respect, overcoming, way making and love. Hallelujah!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! We lack nothing in You!!! I pray that we look into ourselves tonight and see Your calling in us. Chains are breaking, in Jesus Mighty name!!! Today is a day of new beginnings!!! Holy, Father!!! Jesus!!! Today will start a new chapter of our life. A new union and fellowship with You, God. We seek all the answers in You. We will keep our eyes fixed on You as You guide us through this transition in our lives. I pray that our mind be renewed in a way that we are completely brought into another revelation of who You really are, Jesus!!! We have faith in You!!! We knows that we are not here by mistake!!! There are no coincidences we are to be right where we are right now. I pray for us to release all guilt, shame, failures, inadequacy, insignificance, pain, brokenness, and unforgivingness tonight!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! We are not able to carry those things into this place we are moving into with You, Father. All of that must be laid at the alter. In Jesus Mighty name!!! We will rise up, strong, confident, with boldness in You Father. We are not afraid!!! If You are for us, who could be against us!!! Glory to God!!! Father today we are standing strong in faith, believing and trusting only in You!!! You are not a God that backs down. You are a God of action and unfailing power!!! You don’t want us to call upon Your name and not think that it’s just something to say. We call upon Your name Jesus, because there is power in the name!!! Healing in the name!!! Glory in the name of Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Jesus You can and You will for us!!! I thank You now for breaking us free of these generational curses that have fallen on us!!! For releasing us from these ties that have been holding us back!!! For cutting us out of darkness and bringing us into the light of Your presence in us tonight!!! Father we hear You tonight!!! We will be still and listen to You!!! We will clear our minds of anything that is not You, Jesus. We will meditate on how much You have done for me and this family to carry us to this place we are right now. Thank You, Jesus!!! Thank You!!! You carried us through the fires!!! You kept us in the storms!!! We do not smell like what we have been through!!! Glory to God!!! We are a God fearing family!!! As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!!! Hallelujah!!! Holy, is the Lamb!!! Worthy is the Lamb!!! Jesus!!! We worship You!!! We love You!!! We bless You!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!