Prayer 9/9/18

Merciful God of heaven and Earth. We worship You today in all Your greatness and splendor!!! Glory, Father!!! Lord we praise You for our salvation and what that truly means for our lives. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! You are a God that can show us the areas of ourselves we need to let You work in, Father. Thank You for ripping us open so we can be healed the right way. Thank You for breaking us down, so we can be rebuilt up in You. Glory to God!!! Continue to walk with us and grow us in Your, Love, purpose, grace, mercy, and peace Lord Jesus. We want to know more of You and be obedient for what You ask if us. We give it all to You today, Father. God I lift up this family. Knowing and believing in my heart that You are already moving, shaping, and modifying everything that is needed to line up with Your will, Father. You are already healing, restoring, and rejuvenating areas of ourselves that we have suffered a loss or sickness within ourselves. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Jesus You alone are our Savior!!! You alone sent Your Holy Spirit to guide us, as our helper. Father, speak through our spirits today that we hear You for things we are seeking answers in You. Speak to those areas of our ourselves that we are still frustrated with. Break us out of our old habits and patterns of things we are doing without seeking You first. Things that we just get caught up doing because that has just been the flavor of the day. God guide us into fellowship, companionship, Oneness, relationships, and connections today. May we always remember You in our lives and share that in all the opportunities we have. Everyday is a gift from You, Lord. Another chance for our lives to bring You all the glory, honor, and praise today. We want only what You want for us at the time You are wanting us to have it, Lord. Thank You, Father!!! Thank You Jesus!!! We are already delivered from any and all things to come through our Redeemer, Christ Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Father I speak life into ourselves and I speak it into the generations here and those to come. We are grateful for what You are doing in, with, and through our lives. We bless and love You, Lord. In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!