Prayer 9/17/18

Holy Father, we humble ourselves in Your presence today. We are in awe of You, Lord. You have brought us out of everything we have had to go through up to now and we stand believing and trusting in You to be who You’ve said You are. The absolute God that You are!!! If You have spoken it, it is so. Glory to God!!! Jesus, You have walked with us and understand what we go through. We are in fellowship with You. You understand our emotions and our physical weaknesses. We know that Your word says that we are able to do all things through Christ our strength. Glory to God!!! There is nothing that we can say that is impossible for You, Father!!! You are a Way Maker and a Promise Keeper. A Healer, and our Redeemer, Jesus. Holy is the Lamb!!! Worthy is the Lamb!!! We die to ourselves today. We don’t want what we want for ourselves. We want what You want for us. We want what Your plans are for us. We will not operate outside of Your will for our lives and this family. You are a Shepard over Your sheep and You will keep us, Father. Nothing can stand in Your way!!! Nothing!!! You are the Great I Am!!! The I AM THAT I AM!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! There isn’t anything that You don’t already know. So we lift up ourselves. I lift up this family to You Jesus. I know You see us. I know You know us. I know we are Yours. You are are comfort, Lord. You are our shelter, our refuge, our strength, our heart, and our Father. You are able to give us what we don’t have. You are Jehovah Rapha, our Provider. Sometimes, we don’t allow You in so that You can bless us, Father. I pray we open up to let You in, so You can bless us more than what we have right now. You are a God of more than enough!!! You have been and are able to do everything and anything!!! We do not put You in a box, Lord. You ways are above our ways. You are able to do things that we can’t ask, think, or even imagine!!! Glory, Father!!! We open our hearts and wash our minds in You. We walk with You. We talk with You. We give You more of us today, than yesterday. We will continue to grow in Your grace, mercy and love. We will not cheat You out of getting more for us. Blessed to be a blessing!!! Anything we have Father, is Yours first. You are a God that gives and a God that takes away. We line up with Your will today. We line up with Your truth, Your Word, Your calling, and Your purpose. It’s bigger than us. It’s bigger than what we think. You have made investments in us, in our lives and they will not return empty. In Jesus Mighty name!!! You are able to exceedingly, abundantly, more than we could every imagine. We stand on Your truth. We hold firm to Your Word. We will not waiver in what You are calling out of us today. To God be the Glory!!! Forever more!!! We bless and love You, Lord. In Jesus Mighty name we pray!!! AMEN!!!