Prayer 9/22/18

Holy Father of heaven and Earth. We come to You with boldness and sure footedness in who You are and Who’s we are. Glory, Father!!! We are Your children and You know every part of us. Even in the generations coming out of us that we haven’t even seen yet. Hallelujah!!! Jesus, thank You for giving this family hope, peace, love, grace, mercy, long suffering and strength. We pray for understanding in our walk with You. Wisdom to learn from the things You have taken us through. And peace to know You are guiding us in every way as we go through the next chapter in our lives. As we step out in faith with You. Believing in Your ability to carry us in all things we face or are tried with. There is nothing You can not do for Your children that seek and love You. Father help us to get our mind in order. That no matter what we do, we give You the first part of ourselves, our provisions, and our life. To God be the Glory!!! We are only here because You have gifted us with today. We only have what You have so graciously blessed us with. We have a purpose in You, Jesus. I pray for us to remove ourselves from our mind that is swallowing up Your plans for this family. We do not need to be so involved in worldly and fleshly things that we not feed our spiritual man inside of us. It is written for bodily exercise profits a little, but godliness is profitable for all things, having promise of the life that now is and of that which is to come.
Jesus!!! We need to grow our spiritual man and grow in our walk with You, Father. That is the most profitable thing we could do. That will grow Your will, plans, and purpose out of us and we can bless this family and the people You put around us. Hallelujah!!! We will be the salt and light in the world that You have called us to, Jesus!!! We don’t want to keep thinking that we are able to do anything good without You. Your word says we can do nothing apart from You. And that there is nothing good in us without You, Lord. We worship You in all Your ways!!! Praise God!!! You are a God that will move seas and rivers out of our path. A God that will hold the sun from shining and become fire for heat. You are a God that can speak anything into existence. Hallelujah!!! Your word says to speak to things as though they be and not as they are. Glory!!! Father we speak light and life into ourselves, the generations here, and those yet to come. I pray for the seed that is in this family, Lord Jesus. We are planting seeds for You God and we have seed in the fruit that has yet to manifest in this family. We give it all to You, Father!!! We know that You are a God that isn’t blind, deaf, or absent. You are omnipotent, omnipresent, and immutable!!! Holy Father!!! We surrender all to You!!! We will not intervene in Your plans for us. Father I pray for the head of this family today, Jesus. I know that he is being healed right now as I pray for him. That anything that the devil meant for evil, You Father are turning around for his good. Glory to God!!! There is nothing that You are not able to mend, restore, or make new. Jesus!!! He is a new creation!!! He is Your son and You have not forgotten about him!!! You have his name written on Your hand. You have him in the palm of Your hand where no one can snatch him out of his Father’s hand!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! You have kept him all these years. He trusts You to continue to keep him. I pray his eyes be opened and his mind be renewed in You. You are a Way Making God that is stopped by nothing or no one. You are the Great “I Am!!!” You will provide a way out. Your word says that we will not be tempted past out ability to resist. Holy, Lord!!! That we have the power to bring every thought under the obedience of Christ. Hallelujah!!! Anytime we have doubt, fear, or disbelief creep in our minds we can grab that thought and speak Your Word of truth into ourselves and cast it away from our minds. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! We will walk in healing, life, love, grace, mercy, and purpose!!! We are not a mistake and we rebuke the mentality of thinking that, in any part of who we are. Jesus, we cast all our cares on You today!!! We pick up our cross and follow You!!! We bless and love You, Jesus!!! In Your Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!