Trapped Within

How long has it been?
Since I’ve been happy…

How long has it been?
Since I stopped wrapping…

Wrapping up all my feelings and emotions
Knowing one day there is going to be an explosion

How long am I going to continue this life?
When does it stop? I’m empty into the night

When will my day come?
When will right, not feel wrong?

What’s wrong with my mind? Why do I think I have control of time?

Someday it has to change, I can’t go on like this, I need a refreshing rain

A shower to come down over me,
So I can be washed of this, and be free

Free from what I used to know,
And be like a seed, that starts to grow

To break out of my shell, of where I once knew
Pushing out into the darkness, and forming into a shoot

Starting out small and weak
Growing strength, as I venture into the deep

To feel the rain come down, to quench my thirst
To be rooted miles underground, completed covered, immersed

Growing takes time, energy, and patience
A seed can stay a seed, it’s beyond complacent

A seed doesn’t have to change at all
Years will go by, and it will still be small

Never knew what could have been in that seed,
It won’t know what it felt like, to be a tree

To have the sun shine down on your leaves
To feel the wind brush against you, in the breeze

When the storms come, to shake you, to blow you down
The fight to stay rooted, a fight to stand strong

Don’t loose hope in what you were created to be
God doesn’t make mistakes, even with trees

God created everything, just as it was designed to be
If you haven’t found your place in the Earth, find it in He

He that came to give you life, more than you live right now
His forgiving heart in you, one that wears a crown

Our King! Our Savior! We bless you forever more!
Our Father! Our Teacher! Here’s our cup, that You may pour!

Into us, till it’s over flows
God we breaks ourselves, so we can grow

To give not just things we have in our hands, but give from our hearts, through our Spiritual Man

The one God gave to us, the Holy Spirit
So your heart would rejoice, and our joy came with it

Joy that no one can take, that is God’s promise
Joy in the Lord that provides our strength, even if your a novice

We have to start somewhere, one day it does have to change
Why not make that day today, here comes the rain

Jesus washed you in His blood,
To provide what this world couldn’t
He came that you would know of Him, and be of flesh, not wooden

Jesus traded your stone heart, for a flesh one
He came that You would know Him, and not just know someone

Seek all answers in Him, He will never fail you
He is your Lord and Savior, your God that’s true

Unfailing and Protecting
Powerful and Resurrecting

Lord of Hosts, King on High
Risen Savior, Father in the sky

God we need You to dig out of us what’s to be, we know we were made to be a tree

A tree planted by the stream, one that is in You, and one that is free

I tree that never fears of heat or drought, always green and never without

Never fails to produce fruit, in it’s season
Always on time Jesus, You are the reason

We trust in You for what You provide, we come out Lord,
We no longer hide

We desire what You have for our life, we turn it over to You, we kill the strife

Thank You for Your blood that washed us clean! Thank You Lord, that we are free indeed!

We praise Your name with all we have! Hallelujah, Lord! Our hearts are glad!