A Moon’s Love

The moon can be seen only in the reflection of light from the sun. The moon can’t ever be the source of light. It’s sol purpose is in reflection of it’s source of light. A mirror to myself, of God’s light through me. The reflection of his love, reaching down to me. That if that light could travel from above my limitations. Then the love of God could always reach me. Light that is never ending and always abiding placement. My Love overflowing in the gentleness and solitude of reflected light. Without the light, it serves no purpose. Dead to darkness. Consumed in the shadows. Awaiting the distance for light to travel to be reunited with purpose!!! Of Light!!! Of Truth!!! Our souls are destined to purpose in reflection of God’s love. Without the light, we are forever forgotten in our environment. To be wrapped up in darkness and uniformity. In pieces that have no rhyme. No joint purpose. Melding into what can’t be deciphered from the rest. You were not created to be lost. You were created to be found. To be apart of something that functions with you as a unique piece. Playing in God’s graceful harmony. Setting you apart in reflection of the core source of you. God is at the core of you!!! God is the very breath in you!!! Reflect the love God placed in your life to reach out to those that will be broken free from darkness, forever!!! For the breath you have in your lungs today. Will not be the breath in your lungs tomorrow. Every breath has the gift of life or death. Speak life!!!