Breath in My Heart

I want to hold your head, against my chest
So you can hear my heart, with every breath

Your warmth, is like a smoldering fire
I want to snuggle up to, with my heart’s desire

Your breath, so sweet and soft
I never want, to be far off

Away from you, and all your charm
I only want that, to be my norm

To see your face, and treasure you every day
To smell your breath, and never walk away

I feel your skin, on my finger tips
I feel your essence, with my lips

Your body pressed, up against mine
Is so sensual, like a fine aged wine

The place I go to, when you hold me
Is magical, almost resembling a dream

Love of mine, if I had one wish today
It would be to take you, by the hand and pray

To pray, to our God above
for bringing us together, without even a hug

God we bless and thank you today, for showing us love in a new way

We look to You, for answers we need
And thank You now, as we take a knee

God beloved and true
Bless and hold us
make us new

We only aim, to please you God
We are but inperfect, as we grab Your Rod

Guide us, in Your presence Lord
With our hearts wide open, and in accord

We pray dear Father, that we stay
With You in mind, each and everyday

We bless and love You, Jesus. Thank for for saving us.