My Gift

When I close my eyes, I see your face
I smile and snuggle my head, to feel your embrace

What you’ve given me, I could never repay
I can only count my blessings, and thank you everyday

To show someone something, so genuine and pure
It makes me wonder, of all my heart ache, you brought a cure

Deep inside, myself I see
Someone strange, resembling me

What could be, of this today
If I had given up, and went another way

A gift you are, to my soul
A hand I reach out, to grab and hold

God, You hold me in Your arms, as if I never left
But so many years, I wish I breathed my last breath

God You restored, what man had taken from me
You gave a gift, so gracious and free

What I could never do, to repay
For my life, I still have today

You bring my heart, to a man that loves
God, I kiss his face, and show Your touch

What an answer, to a prayer you sent
God I bless him, hold him in Your hand

You Lord are all we need!
We say that with a heart that bleeds!

For Your love, to shine through us today
Jesus, I pray to renew us, in Your way

We lift our voices high
We praise You, as we clarify

The Love you have for us
Was not a purchase, but was blood

A price we graciouly accept
God, guide us, as we take a step

We give ourselves to You, unlike before
Reach down and touch us, just once more

We live to bring You glory
Father, we give You all our worry

Our names are on Your hands
Bless me and bless this man!

In Your loving heart, we always stay
I say AMEN as I praise, Jesus name!