Why Life, Love?

My breath may let go, but my love for you will only grow

Into whatever this life has to offer, I give you my reign of sovereign

Love may I please pray with you,
That our love will make it through

Not just what we aught to know,
But one that challenges us to grow

I know not of this way
I only ask for you to pray

You hold me close, I see your face, Can you please, change a race?

Of people set in the ways they know, But leave theirs, frail and cold

My Love, my light
I wish to, end this night

Not in torment, or torture
But with my heart wide open, in nurture

This may be foreign to some
And yet again, we lost one

With somethings left to be, this is not my way!
Says the Lord, He!

Bring in your baskets, and your buckets too
The Lord will ask, “What is it, that you do?”

I Sir, am only one
But Greater is He
through His only Son!!!

I give a gift, far greater than mine, This is He, who saved a heart like mine!

JESUS you are the life!
Hold me this night

I wish to be a star with height
Please take away my fright

Far away, you are so near
Thank You Lord, that you hear

In my heart, and with Your hand
My Lord My God, bless this land!!!