What is This Love?

Love is such a word to understand
Sometimes it’s hard to comprehend

Of what one may see, and one may feel
What may not seem true, or even real

We look for answers, high and low
We follow our heart, and maybe show

What is it that looks like this?
Was it soft and sweet, like a kiss?

What is that feeling in my belly?
Is that Love? Feels more like jelly

My eyes look out and see
A wonderous place, is that a bee?

Maybe flowers know love far better
They smell sweet and enjoy the weather

Trees that sway gently in the breeze
Maybe they know love, they look so free

The sweet smell of homemade pie
Love is probably like that, a twinkle in the eye

A deer drinking water from a soft calm stream
Love is more like that, looks like a dream

What is this love? I want to understand
I know it’s more, than holding a hand

What a gift Love ought to be
Could I wrap it up or hang on a tree?

Of holiday cheer and laughter so near
Love has to be that, it looks so clear

Maybe the face of a mother’s child
That’s shows love, children are wild

What about the stars at night?
Can they see Love, from that height?

If I climbed a mountain in the middle of spring
Could I find love there? And want to sing?

Maybe a song is just right
Like when your father comes, to kiss you goodnight

I may never understand, what is this Love?
Is it like the feeling, of a nice warm hug?

I guess one day I may find out
But til that day, I won’t pout

I’ll take my chances and try to learn
I’m sure I got this, for I can discern

From feelings, thoughts, and actions
I can see love, it looks like traction

Something strong, yet gentle too
Seems to me, it acts like glue

To bond and hold forever
Love is like family, that stays together

Sometimes sad and sometimes new
Love is like dreams, that one day come true

Of new beginnings and endings die
Love is a cyle, sometimes we cry

Love seems to be like one
Once is over, is has yet to begun

A never ending flow of sunshine
That’s says love, just like a hearts rhyme

A sweet and soft caress
Like little girls, twirling in a dress

A smile that starts in your soul
Like looking for butterflies, as you take a stroll

You’ll have to see it all, to see it most
Even with your eyes closed, you’ll feel it close

In your heart, love needs to stay
If you think you lost it, just begin to pray

For God is Love, we see it true
When our Savior died, just for you

Love is more than just a memory
Beyond the sound of an angels melody

It’s giving up all you have
To save a friend, from something bad

It’s helping one another pull through
Come to think of it, love looks like you

God we thank You for giving us light
For keeping it calm, throughout the night

God we love you once more today
Thank You for saving us, as we pray

We pray for love to always be in us
God we need You, in You we trust!

We give today, to You
Hold us close, make us new

With Your love that freed us
We cry out, Thank You Jesus!

It’s in Your name we pray
God thank You for Your way!