Prayer 4/6/18

Kind and gracious heavenly Father. We are so grateful Lord for what You are doing in our lives. We know that You are in control God. We cast all our concerns, worries, and desires on You today, Father. We worship You Lord. Hallelujah!!! We know that You are the only thing we need in our lives. We thank You for being a healing God, a delivering God, a supernaturally working God. Glory to God!!! We trust only in You, Father. You word says we are in Your hands and no one can snatch us out of them. Thank You, God!!! Thank You for being our protector and provider. We are loved by You. Beyond our ability to understand the definition of it. But Your word says You are Love. You are the very definition of the word. Thank You, Jesus!!! You loved us so much, that You sent Your only Son to lay down his life so that we might have ever lasting life through Him. Thank You, Jesus!!! And life more abundantly. Thank You, Father!!! Thank You for taking us down different paths in our lives. There is purpose in the barren places we have come through. We have gratitude for what You have brought us out of. We have understanding knowing You can and You will for Your children. Jesus!!! We know You are the way, the truth, and the life. We come to You with open hearts. We confess our sins, that we may be renewed today and line up with Your will for our lives. Wash us in Your word today, Father. Help grow us into the son and daughter You intended for our life to be. We are salt and light in the world. We praise You for what You have done for our salvation, Lord Jesus!!! We cry out to You, knowing You hear us today. Heal our emotions, restore us in You Jesus. Remove anything that is not of You or that is not working for Your purpose in us. The negative thoughts and the bruised feelings of abandonment, neglect, and rejection Father. We can not change what our life has had up to this point. But today is a new day. We take off the clothes of yesterday and renew ourselves in You today. We are not rejected, abandoned, or neglected in You God. We forgive those that have done that to us. We forgive those that have used, abused, and forsaken us. We do matter, God!!! We matter to You!! And You are faithful to those who continually seek You. We seek You, Father!!! We desire to walk with You. We are strong and courageous in You!!! We renew our minds today, knowing we are created with a purpose and You are bringing about that purpose in us today!!! We lean on You Lord and not our own understanding. We remove all doubt in us that tries to limit You in Your absolute Greatness!!! We know You are a Way Making God!!! You are able to do things with such complexity we are in awe of You, Lord!!! Our own bodies are so complex and wonderfully made. Glory to God!!! We thank You for our life and our senses, our ability to function as we should. We are grateful to see, hear, taste and smell. We do not take our life for granted, but celebrate it in You, God!!! Our life is not our own, You have paid for it and we give it to You today, God!!! We pick up our cross and follow You. More of You God and less of ourselves. We praise You, Father!!! Hallelujah!!! Thank You!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! We can do all things, through Christ that strengthens us. God we bless and Love you today, Jesus!!! It’s in Your Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!