Prayer 4/7/18

God our Father we are so grateful for today. Thank You Lord for being everything we need. Thank You for being more than enough. God You are Beautiful!!! You are our refuge!!! We seek You, Father!!! We want to line up with Your will, God. We give You all the glory, honor and praise, Jesus!!! We worship You today for giving us life and another day to bring You glory, Father. We come to You with an open heart God to know You more. We want Your will for our lives. We don’t want to go against You and what You desire for us, Father. Thank You for keeping us close. Thank You for being patience with us Father. You have already done what we couldn’t do. You already gave us the greatest gift You could have ever given us, Jesus!!! Thank You for our salvation!!! Thank You for saving us!!! Sinners, with nothing good in us without You. Your word says we can do nothing good without You. We need You God!!! We need Your Grace!!! We accept that today, Jesus!!! We reach out and grab Your purpose for our lives. We are not hidden from You, Lord. There is no where we could run to or burry ourselves inside that You can’t reach. Reach in us, Father. Reach in and grab anything that is not of You. Teach us how to let You change us. How to let You move us. We want You more in us. We give ourselves to You today, God. Our life is not our own. You have paid the debt of sin and death for us to have everlasting life in You. Glory to God!!! Hallelujah!!! We believe and trust only in You, God. Your are the only God we serve!!! We want to show the love of Christ in us!!! We submit our will to You, God. We pray for our nation, our leaders, Your Church, Your children, each other, and our loved ones. You know what is needed and You know the hearts of these people we pray for God. We lift them up to You today. Knowing You are more than enough and a healing and restoring God. We speak life into each other today God. We pray for the generations of our family that are here and those that have yet come. We know the devil is a liar, a theif, and an accuser and he has no place in our families!!! We rebuke his works and celebrate victory over addictions, bondage, mental sickness, emotional binding, and anything the devil is using against us. In Jesus Mighty name!!! We thank You, Father and praise Your name, Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! We bless and love You God!!! In Jesus Mighty name I pray. AMEN!!! AMEN!!!