Prayer 4/8/18

Father in heaven, we praise You today Father!!! You are everything we need, Lord!!! We seek You!!! We desire to be closer to You. You are omnipotent. You are able to see into us Father. You know our hearts and our most intimate desires. We give it all to You, Jesus!!! We know that You alone are more than enough and are able to do any and all things above our comprehension. Praise Jesus!!! Father we need Your presence in our life. We need Your guidance. We need more of You today, than we ever needed. Today is all we can work in. We can’t work in yesterday or tomorrow, but You can. We are only able to control ourselves, God. Help us to be understanding to those around us. Help us to love the differences in each other. We we’re not all given the same life and same mind or same gifts. We want to see Your children like You do. Give us eyes to see. Give us a mind to understand. Give us an open heart to receive. We need to see through Your, Love!!! We want to love each other, like You love us!!! I pray for that today, God!!! That we can see each other through Your eyes!!! You see the good in us. You see the children You died for. You see the sacrifice You made for perfect Love, through the life You laid down, JESUS!!! Hallelujah!!! Thank You, JESUS!!! It’s You that we need!!! You are the Doorway!!! There is no way to get to the Father, without going through You. We accept You as the doorway, Jesus. We accept Your loving sacrifice. We want more of You and less of ourselves. We know there is nothing to much or too great to ask for. We ask for restoration!!! We want to be restored in You, God!!! You know what we need to be whole!!! We ask for wholeness, Father!!! With You, in completeness!!! We celebrate Your life today and our salvation!!! We thank You for the Victory!!! JESUS!!! We bless and love you God!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray!!! AMEN!!!