Prayer 4/9/18

Father of Light. Thank You for another day our lives can bring You glory. We honor You this morning God. We give You all the glory, honor, and praise Jesus!!! We worship You this morning. Hallelujah!!! You are all we need. You are the answers we seek, Jesus!!! You have given us victory over all things we face in our lives today. Over ourselves and our thoughts to healing in our minds and bodies. We claim that victory in You today, Jesus!!! We trust only in You!!! We know that Your blood was sufficient for us to step out into a new life in You. That the negative thoughts and bad habits are broken today. We walk that out claiming the release of addictions, depression, worthlessness, sickness and rise up in prosperity, purpose, and love. You love us so much, Father!!! You sent Your only Son that we would have life everlasting in You!!! Thank You Jesus!!! Thank You for pulling us out of darkness. Thank You for saving us from ourselves and the wiles of the devil. He has no place in our families and we rebuke him and the cunning antics he has been using to break us away from You, Jesus. We know that You are a God that is big enough to over come all things. That You are the God that can make a way through anything we face or go through. You are the God of creation and we have life through You!!! Not just to live, but to have it more abundantly!!! We cast our worries on You today God. Knowing that it is You that is in control. We believe in You, Father!!! We keep our eyes on You. We ask for a renewing of our minds this morning. We ask for a renewing of our hearts in You today. We are leaving yesterday behind and reaching for today. We can not change anything that was in our past. We forgive ourselves for anything we may have messed up in or felt like we failed in. We step out of that mentality and know that we can work on what we do with our lives today. We don’t linger on regrets or past mistakes. We know that You are able to work in all things and are all knowing. You know us inside and out and You see our hearts and are able to still line us up with Your will, Father. Glory to God!!! There is nothing we can do that You can’t see or use to bring about Your purpose in us, Lord!!! Thank You God for being the only thing we could ever need!!! We pray for this nation Father and the people that are homeless, jobless, hopeless, and lost in the world. We pray for a renewed spirit of life through You in them today, God. We know that You can break them out of there old ways and mentalities. We claim victory over all that today, God!!! We pray for this country and the first responders their families and the leaders of this country. We know that You know what needs to happen in their minds and their perceptions. We lift them up to You today, Lord Jesus!!! We do not limit Your abilities!!! Even if we can not possible understand, we discard our narrow mindedness and grab a hold of Your infinite powers and possibilities!!! Praise God!!! Father we thank You for our lives and what You are doing in, with, and through them. It’s in Your Mighty name we pray, Jesus!!! AMEN!!!