Who Am I, to be?

Who am I to be
When I feel, that’s not me

Who is to be afraid
When I didn’t want, but gave

How is it not mine
When all I asked for, was time

I never thought to be
So why I ask, me

In my face and in my heart
There lies, a good start

I shall not fear, I shall not flaunt
for I know not, of this taunt

I only state who I am, and understand, more like a man

A strong sense of self
I know not, of greedy wealth

I sit and think
As if to find, this life’s ink

Marks on my flesh, wrinkles in my brain
Has me, on the line of sane

Who’s to say how it’s to be
When they only knew, how to flee

To stand and show, a true point to fight
And call it, a bloody night

To uphold the truth, a valor of one, Yet to stand, is to know alone