How I Try to See

How I try to see,
a person within, that could be me

Within myself, I struggle to find,
a harmonious, sense of rhyme

Things in such chaos, I wonder who’s, the one called boss

Things seem not, in my control,
for all I want, is to take a stroll

To breeze through, a gift called life, there’d be a day, I’d be called wife

I have a gift, to help others, no one for me, that doesn’t smother

I want to know, what good things are, I want a reason, to not be far

Far from my heart, to know what I love, and kneel down, to my God above

God I thank you, for blessings my life, and ask you, to kill the strife

I no longer fight for pain, but desire, a refreshing rain

A shower to cleanse my soul, someone in my heart, to have and hold

Things I want to see and learn, my how long, I have yearned

I have only wanted, to love another, and know this not, of a brother

One that can share my soul, and not play, a hand to fold

I wake up each dawn, a big smile, with my first yawn

To know of a new day here, and pray to God, “please stay near”

My fear of things unknown, have me scared, and alone

I only want to be made whole,
God please send, a kindred soul

Of eyes with love and laughter,
and a sense to be mine, ever after

Ones that have not been true, I ask you now, give them a new

Let them know, what love is to be, since they would not, take it from me

My God my Light, please guide me, through the night

I will not stray, but have it be, of a new way

I don’t want to be restless, I only want, to be called a Princess

Appreciating things done for me, and know I’m not, trapped in a dream

Not a slumber, to only imagine, but a life, my new challenge

A smile on my face, and warm in my heart, has it made, a good start

I thank you now, and always do, for you are my God, my Savior true

All the ones, in my life I love, take care of them, my God above