Prayer 4/10/18

Lord of all creation!!! We come to You with a humble heart. We know that You alone are God. We believe in You, God and Your abilities. Even when we can’t understand or see You. We believe that everything that we have, have gone through, or have had to face is all for a purpose. We know that people will come and go in our lives, but You Father, are unfailing. You will never leave us or forsake us. Hallelujah!!! Thank You, Father!!! Thank You for being there for me when I was weak and tired. Thank You for providing food for me when I was hungry. Thank You for comforting me when I was hopeless and broken. You have been faithful to Your children, God. You have made a plan for our lives and started a good work in us. You not only guide us as we stepped out in faith, Jesus. But You know us!!! Inside and out. You know every wrinkle, every scar, every thought, and every moment of our lives. You live inside of us, God. Your resurrection power of Christ dwells within us. Glory to God!!! We are thankful for the trails You have placed on us. Your word says that’s how we learn patience and experience, is through the hardships. God, I thank You today for bringing me out of the darkest parts of myself, and bringing me out of brokenness, loneliness, solitude, abandonment, worthlessness, abuse, emotional distortion, clouded thinking and being misguided along my life. You have angels to gard me and protect me, Father, when I was wreck less and self distructive. You loved me when I couldn’t even look at myself. You loved me when I couldn’t forgive myself. You loved me when I was unlovable. You cared for me when I wanted to end my life. You cared for me when I was careless. You held me when I wanted to be left alone, Father. You held me even when I pushed You away. JESUS!!! You came and found me when I was hiding from You. You found me when I didn’t want to be found. You wouldn’t let me go, when I begged You to turn Your back on me. When I gave up on everyone around me. When no hand that knew me was a good hand. Father!!! YOU!!! YOU, LORD!!! You saved me from the pits of dispare!!! You pulled me out of the death that resided inside me!!! You took me out of the very fires of damnation!!! FATHER HEAR MY CRYS!!! Father, don’t walk away from me!!! I NEED YOU!!! When there is no one else around me, You are there!!! Don’t leave me, Father!!! I need to feel Your presence!!! Thank You, Lord!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! You are all I ever need!!! You alone are everything in my life!!! I worship You this morning, God!!! HALLELUJAH!!! Hallelujah!!! God You alone are, God!!! I trust only in You!!! When everything else in life fails me, You are unfailing!!! You are the only thing good in this world, God!!! You are eternity!!! The Alpha and the Omega, beginning and the end, forever and ever. You don’t need us to tell You, who You are. You need us to give ourselves to You and believe in You. Not just know You, but to stand on You. Believing and trusting in things that we don’t understand because it is You. Believing that there is no sickness that is greater than You. No addiction that is more powerful than You. No monetary thing created that is above You, Father. We break all of those things in our life that we put before You, Jesus!!! We tear down every wall that we have built to separate us from Your love!!! We rebuke the devil and his cunning ways. In Jesus Mighty name!!! He has no place in our lives, our families and in Your children Father!!! We renew our minds today’s in You, Jesus!!! Focusing only on You and changing the way we see ourselves today. We will see ourselves like You did when You hung on the cross for us. We will see that pain you endured for Love!!! You gave up Your life that we could live through You!!! GLORY!!! GLORY!!! Jesus!!! We give ourselves to You today!!! We submit our will to You!!! Your love was enough!!! We look at ourselves and see Your love!!! We look at each other and see Your love!!! We look and see Your creations and see Your love and architectural design!!! You are GREAT!!! You are Mighty!!! You are all Powerful!!! You are the only God we serve!!! The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!!! Father we pray for Your will over our lives. You are not a God of mistakes and everything has it’s purpose. Reveal in us Your purpose for our lives!!! We want Your will, not our own. We thank You God for bringing change about in us and for hearing our cries, and answering our prayers to You today!!! We bless and love You Lord!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!