Prayer 4/1/18

Father of Light, we worship You this morning God. Hallelujah!!! We marvel at Your never failing Love for us, Jesus!!! We are grateful for our lives and Your Love for us, Glory Father!!! Jesus we thank You for sacrificing Your life that we may not die, but have everlasting life through You!!! Hallelujah!!! We can see that Love for us through Your sacrifice. You hung there on the cross for us. For Billy Ray, Father. You were thinking about him personally as Your love so generously poured out onto the ground, Jesus!!! We accept that gift today, God. We accept that we were not able to save ourselves and needed a Savior, Christ Jesus!!! We praise You for the victory!!! GLORY TO GOD!!! Your name above all other names, Jesus!!! You are the one that conquered death. You are the one that saved the wretched ones like me. You washed us clean in the blood. We celebrate our forgiveness, Jesus!!! We accept that we were made white as snow through Your Love for us!!! You are the God of this universe!!! We serve You today and everyday, God. Our lives were bought at such a high price. We humble ourselves today, Father as we reflect in our Salvation that was gifted to us, Jesus!!! We do not put anything before You, God. We seek You first and Your kingdom!!! Hallelujah!!! Father we know that You work in all things and what the devil meant for bad You will turn around for good. Glory, Father!!! That we are not perfect, but You strength is made perfect in our weakness!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! We need You, Father!!! We need Your Spirit Man in us to help us grow into Your purpose for us. We surrender our will to You God today. That You will carry us out of ourselves and plant us in You, Jesus!!! We desire more of You and less of ourselves. You word says we reside in You and You in us. Glory!!! We have the resurrection power of Christ in us!!! Thank You, God!!! Thank You!!! We cast all our cares, worries, troubles, desires, and our will for ourselves on You!!! You alone are in control!!! We praise and lift You high, Jesus!!! God we know You are here with us and we thank You for being more than enough for anything that we are going through or facing in our lives today. We lift our families and loved one up to You today. You are the Way Maker, the Promise Keeper, the Alpha and the Omega. You alone are all knowing and ever present, Father of Life, Creator of the universe!!! We glorify Your name today Jesus!!! Holiest of Holys!!! King of all Kings!!! Marvelous Son of God!!! JESUS!!! JESUS!!! JESUS!!! We open our hearts, we open our minds, we open ourselves to receive You more. We want to know You. We want a relationship with You, Jesus!!! We want to abide in You, every part of the day. We rebuke the devil and anything that he is using in this family to lie, steal, or acuse!!! In Jesus Mighty name!!! He has no place here and in the generations to come, Father!!! We bind him and cast him in outter darkness!!! We speak life into this family, into each other. You are the living water!!! You are the bread and the life and want us to have life more abundantly through You, Jesus!!! We accept that life!!! We accept the blood!!! We want life in You!!! You are the True Vine and Your Father the Vinedresser. We are the branches. We have life through You, Jesus!!! Prune us Father!!! That we may produce more fruit in You!!! Renew our minds today and heal our hearts!!! Praise God!!! Glory, Father!!! We bless and Love You, Lord!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray!!! AMEN!!!