Prayer 4/2/18

Father of all creation. God of heaven and Earth. We come to You today Father, with an open heart. A grateful heart. A heart that You have made new in us, Jesus. God, we thank You for being our God above everything and anything in this world. You alone are worthy, Lord!!! You alone are God!!! We know that You are a God that can do more than we have the ability to even understand. We know that Your ways are above our ways. We trust only in You, God. We ask knowing that You are more than able to heal, restore, provide, and bring about change in our lives. We know that You are able to look inside of our minds, our hearts, and our spirits and see where we need to make corrections, Father. God help us to let You come into us to mold and shape us the way You are needing us to be. We want more of You God and less of ourselves. Help us to understand Your will for our lives. Thank You for protecting us, God. Thank You for watching over our families and loved ones. God we are in awe of You, Lord. You are the Great Creator!!! Our lives are here because You have purpose in them. God show us that purpose. Help us to do Your will for our lives. We don’t want to be outside of Your purpose for us. We ask for You to bring us in alignment with Your plans. Grow us in You. We look to You, God when we need. We look to You God for strength. We need You, Lord. We need a loving God that gives us new life. We have that in You, Jesus!!! Thank You!!! Thank You for forgiving us when we fall short. Thank You for forgiving us when we are wrong and helping us to grow from our mistakes. God we ask for You to remove anything in us that is not of You or that is pushing You away from us or pushing us away from Your will for our lives. We know You are a restoring God and Your word says You will restore what the devil has taken away from us. Thank You, Jesus!!! Glory to God!!! Father You are worthy of all the glory, honor, and praise!!! Hallelujah!!! Father we want to show the love of Christ in us to the world. We know that You have us go through things in life so that we can speak to Your Greatness!!! You have done so much for us and we thank You for bringing us out in victory over anything we are facing in our lives right now. You know our struggles. You know everything about us, Father. There is nothing hidden from You. We give it all to You today, Lord. We want our lives to bring You glory!!! We seek You first God!!! We bless and love You!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!