Prayer 4/3/18

Gracious Father in heaven. We come to You this morning with a grateful heart!!! We worship You Lord Jesus!!! Glory to God!!! Hallelujah!!! We are privileged to have life and have another day to bring You glory. That we have another day to tell people of Your Greatness!!! You are mighty to save!!! You Jesus are worthy of all the glory, honor and praise!!! We open our hearts to receive You more this morning. We humble ourselves to know more of You, Lord. We desire to be in Your presence today. We submit ourselves to Your will. Reveal in us what You will have us do. We want Your will to be done for our lives. God we pray today for our minds to be renewed in You. We seek Your word for guidance and purpose through our lives. We are inperfect, Lord and we want to walk with You. Your strength is revealed in our weakness. Help us to control our fleshly desires. Your word says You will not tempt us beyond our ability to resist. Help us to understand Your covenant of marriage and Your intentions through that. We want our lives to be pleasing to You, Father. We don’t want to do the same things expecting You to bless our sinful nature. Grow us closer to You in thought, deed, and actions. Your word says we can capture every thought and bring it under obedience to Christ. Father we desire more of You and less of ourselves. We need You, God!!! We pray for the lost souls of this world. That they will know You, Father. We pray for the healing and restoration of Your lost children in this world. We pray for the sick and the needy Father. They need You above everything and anything else. Help us to share the love of Christ through us. Lead us into the plans You have for us. Heal this land, Father. We pray for this nation and the leaders, first responders and military. Keep them lined up with Your will Father and keep them and their families safe and provided for. Your word says there is no greater love than laying down our life for our friends. Bless these brave men and wwoman that sacrifice their lives for us and this nation, Father. Through You Jesus, nothing is impossible!!! We are able to do any and all things though You, Christ Jesus!!! We pray for our loved ones, families and friends. Help them in the areas of their lives that they need You, God. We know that You can see inside of them and You, Yourself created them and have seen what they have gone through. You are a Way Making, God!!! Hallelujah!!! You are faithful to Your children that seek You. You are able to remove emotional scaring, physical abuse, and any sickness in their minds, souls, and bodies. We thank You, Jesus for Your blood being more than enough to restore us to our place in You!!! Thank You for giving us life through You!!! We speak life into each other and our families. For the generations here and the generations to come. We rebuke the devil in Jesus Mighty name!!! He has no place in this family. He had no place in the lives of Your children. We know the blood was enough to defeat him. And we walk out that victory in Jesus Mighty name!!! We bless and love You, God!!! In Jesus name we pray. AMEN!!!