Prayer 4/12/18

God our Father, we surrender our hearts to You this morning. We open up ourselves to receive You more today. We clear our minds as we desire Your presence. We turn our focus from all the things we have going on in our lives and in the things of today and think of You and Your love and sacrifice for us, Jesus. We marvel at Your glorious spender and magnificent grace, Father!!! We are loved by You, in a way that is hard for us to understand. But we see that love through Jesus, as he hung on the cross as the “Spotless Lamb”. We were the sinners that needed redemption!!! Us, God!!! We celebrate our lives today, Lord!!! We lift high the name of Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! Glory to God!!! Father we seek You in all things. We go to You before we make decisions. We want Your hand over our lives and Your guidance. We ask for Your will to be done in our lives and not our own. We ask that You renew us today as we reflect on You and what You have done for us. Not only through Salvation of our souls, but through Your abounding Grace and Mercy. We grab a hold of that this morning, God. Your word says everyday Your mercy is renewed. Thank You, Jesus!!! We have not spent it all in our struggles with ourselves and our flesh. You God are everlasting!!! Never failing!!! Glory, Father!!! We lean on Your understandings and not our own. We are small in our thinking. But You are not. There is nothing that You are not able to do, God!!! NOTHING is impossible for You, Jesus!!! We can not crawl inside of our minds, memories, trials, temptations, distractions, addictions, emotions, or worldly antics where You are not with us. There is nothing we could ever do that would separate Your love from us, Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! God we praise the name above all names, Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! We pray for every high thing in our life that puts itself or we put above You to be brought down. In Jesus Mighty name!!! We rebuke the devil and his works today, God!!!! He has no place in our lives, our families, and Your children. We pray for the generations here and we pray for the ones that have yet to be brought into this world. God we cast all of our cares, worries, hardships, financial burdens, sickness in any part of us, guilt, shame, isolation, distrust, and unforgivingness on You today. You are all we need!!! You are every answer we seek. We glorify Your name this morning, Jesus!!! It is You that started a good work in us and Your word declares You will continue that work in us til the day of Christ. Thank You, Jesus!!! God You are all knowing and You know our hearts, our pain, our failures, and the things in us that we hold onto, Lord. God we ask You today, to renew us in You!!! Give us Your strength to lay it down and bring to the alter this morning. Remove anything in us that is not working for Your Good, Father. Remove anything in us that the devil is using to pull us away from You, Jesus!!! We give it to You today!!! We know that even when we don’t know what it is that is working in us against You, You do. Some things we have been holding onto so long that we don’t even remember why we still have it working negative, distructive, and angry works inside of us. You are the Creator of heaven and Earth!!! You stitched us together for Your purpose, God. You care for us, so much so, that every single hair on our head has a number. Not that You know how many we have, but each single hair has a unique number to it and You know which ones have fallen out and which ones we still have. Hallelujah!!! God we ask that You remove those things today, in Jesus name we speak it into ourselves and it is Done!!! We stand on Your truth!!! We have the faith to believe in You, Lord!!! We know that You have already paid the price. We but only have to believe in You. We believe in You, Jesus!!! Father, how Great You are!!! How Amazing You are!!! How forgiving You are, Father!!! We want to be like You!!! We want Your forgiveness, Your grace, Your mercy to shine through us, as salt and light in the world, to shine out of us and pour out onto the people around us today. Not just the ones that are close to us or know us, but beyond those comfort zones and into the rest of the people we come across, interact with, or talk to today God. May we see the love You have for them and care for them as You care for us. We thank You for being more than enough for all we endure today, Jesus!!! We know You are healing, restoring, remodeling, and guiding us, Father. Prune us Father!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! We bless and love You, God!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!