Prayer 4/13/18

Holy Father in heaven. We are so thankful for You, God. We are but at Your mercy, Father. Today our life is a gift. We surrender all to You today, Lord. We desire more of You and less if ourselves. We want to be pleasing to You in everything we do. In thought, deed, and actions. Father we are not perfect in anyway. Your words says our weakness is made perfect in Your strength. Glory to God!!! Hallelujah!!! God we worship Your unfailing Love for Your children this morning. God we reach out to You for guidance. We need revealation today, Jesus. Show us what decisions we need to make in our lives that we line up with Your will. We seek Your answers. We don’t want to be outside of Your will, God. If we make decisions outside of You, it will only take us down a path that is away from You and our desire is to be closer to You. Remove the cloudyness from our minds. Give us clarity, Father for what You are needing us to see. Father we ask for supernatural healing to take place in your children today. We ask that You remove all doubt in us for Your ability to heal, restore, and rejuvenate us in Your strength, grace, mercy, and love Jesus!!! Through You, Christ Jesus, all things are possible!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! We are but sinners that need a Savior. We need You God. We need You to do anything good. Your word says we can not do one thing good without You, in us. Not one of us is good. Father, anoint us today. Renew Your spirit in us. We want more of You and less of ourselves. We reach out to You this morning, God. In our weakness and frailty today. The only reason we have life today is because You have purpose in our life. We bring everything to You, God. Our problems and fights are not ours they are Yours. Your word says the battle is the Lord’s and how great You are to fight for us, Father!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! Glory!!! Glory!!! We do not lean on ourselves in understanding, but lean on Your marvelous, magnanimous, everlasting and never ending essence!!! Holy Father!!! We know You know us personally to the greatest detail of our past, present, and future. We are beyond blessed to be treasured in Your sight. We want to bring You Glory, Father!!! We want to shows God’s love to the world!!! Your words says what we have done unto the least of Your children we have also done it unto You. You word also says how can we hate a brother that we can see, but love a God we can’t. Forgive us, Father!!! Forgive us for being hateful, unloving, doubting, and untrusting to You and not loving each other as You have commanded us to do. Give us a renewed heart this morning, Jesus!!! May Your love overflow in us today!!! Thank You for hearing our prayers, Jesus!!! Thank You for giving us all we need today to get through anything we face in our minds, our bodies, and our thoughts. Your word says we can take every thought, capture it and bring it under obedience of Christ. Hallelujah!!! You have given us everything we need. We praise Your greatness, Lord. We bless and love You God!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!