Prayer 4/15/18

Father of existence, we come to You in worship, God. We thank You for being our God. For being our Savior and being everything we will ever need. Thank You for being all mighty and all powerful. It’s You Lord that we seek. It’s You Lord that we want to be close to. We want to know You more. We want to understand Your word that states You are in us and we are in You. We know You are in us with Your spirit. Father show us how we are in You? Open our eyes and our hearts to see us in You as our Father of creation. We are from You because You made us. We came out of You. We did not exist until You put Your hands to fashion us together. With personality in every cell of our bodies. All of us uniquely made in strengths and weaknesses. Help us to understand where are strengths are and to respect our weaknesses. Your word states our weakness is made perfect in Your strength. Thank you, Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! Glory to God!!! Father, You are not a God that makes mistakes. You are perfect!!! You can not be dishonest or go against Yourself in truth and in Your word, Father. We honor You this morning, Jesus!!! We put all our trust in You, knowing You alone are able to be trusted beyond measure. We put all our trust in You today!!! You are the only one that is unfailing and everlasting!!! You will never perish!!! You will not falter!!! You will never grow weary or weak or loose any part of Yourself!!! You alone are in a completeness beyond entirety!!! You do not need anything to be more!!! You are all You will ever be today!!! Glory to God!!! You are the same today, yesterday, and forever. We respect that You are a God that gives and a God that takes away. We know that You know what’s best for us when we do not. We think we need things of this world and we only need You, God. We only need YOU!!! You are everything we need!!! We come to You today God expecting to receive from You!!! We thank You for pouring out over us today!!! Thank You for working supernaturally!!! Thank You for being able to use broken things and take old things and make them new in You, Jesus!!! Glory to God!!! God we honor You!!! God we put You above anything!!! There is nothing that can separate us from Your Love!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! JESUS!!! JESUS!!! It’s You!!! It’s You!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! God we surrender all to You!!! We lift up Your children this morning believing You are working in all things and not just the things we want You to work in. Thank You for the storm, Father!!! We come out stronger in faith, wiser in Your truth, and more trusting in Your ability to over come ALL things. The same spirit lives in us!!! Hallelujah!!! We are over comers, through Christ in us!!! God thank You for another beautiful day we have the chance to give You more and to have our life bring You Glory, Father. We bless and love You!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!