Prayer 4/16/18

Kind and Gracious Heavenly Father. Father we are so grateful for what You have done in our lives and how You are just able to transformation a situation!!! Glory to God!!! Father we know that no matter what we are facing, it is never bigger than Your ability to overcome it. Hallelujah, Father!!! And we are able to do all things through Christ who gives us strength!!! God we worship You this morning!!! Pouring ourselves out so we can be filled by You, Jesus!!! Today we allow You in all areas of our lives, Father. Areas within ourselves that we never wanted You in before. Grief, dispare, tragedy, pain, suffering, failures, inadequacy, and ugliness. We want to see ourselves like You see us, through the blood of Jesus!!! Open our hearts, open our minds, open our eyes that we may see Your love for us in each other. We surrender our will to You today, Father. We pick up our cross and follow You, Jesus!!! We know that Your word says You do not temp us more than we have the ability to resist. And Your words says You will not give us more than we can bare. Glory to God!!! Thank You for creating us with the design of being able to overcome anything that is put in our paths. We praise Your name today, Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! Thank You for Your love for us!!! Your word says that the only way we even have the ability to love, is because You first loved us. Thank You!!! Thank You for loving us when we were unlovable!!! Thank You for caring for us beyond our own ability to care. Thank You for healing us physically, mentally, emotionally, and supernaturally Father!!! We need You!!! We cry out to You Aba!!! If we could do it ourselves we wouldn’t need a God that saves. We can’t do anything good without, You Jesus!!! Lord thank You for Your Word, Your Holy Spirit, Your started good works in us, and for each other God. We thank You for us all being different parts of Your Body, Your Church, but belonging to the same God. Being united in unity with You, Father. Glory to God!!! Thank You for calling us to our place in Your body. We know that with us all working together we can accomplish more than if we went out alone. Thank You for helping us to follow through with our callings You have given each one of us. You are an Awesome God!!! You are a chain breaking, walls tumbling, earth shaking, and way making God!!! Hallelujah!!! The only God of creation!!! You are Lord of all Lords!!! King of all Kings!!! You alone are worthy. Jesus we thank You for the blood that washed us white as snow!!! Thank You for restoring us in You, Jesus!!! Father we give everything going on in our life to You believing and trusting only in You. That Your will be done for our lives today and we honor You with our thoughts, deeds, and actions. Father we thank You for forgiving us when we fall short. Thank You that Your grace is enough to pull us out of the darkest pits we hide within ourselves and within our troubles, worries, and addictions. We renew our minds today God knowing we are a new creation in You and we walk toward making that a new life for us today. We can not change yesterday and worry is not going to give us anything in life. Worry is only taking away from us. We give our worry to You, Father. Thank You for being a good Father to Your children!!! Providing everything we could ever need and every answer we could ever seek. Glory to God!!! Father we bless and love You today!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!