Prayer 3/27/18

Kind and Gracious Heavenly Father. God we worship You this morning, Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! God we know that You are the only God in the universe and You are an Awesome God!!! You are a Marvelous God!!! You are the God of Miracles and New Beginnings!!! You are the God of sacrificing Love!!! You are the God of judgement!!! You are the God of forgiveness!!! You Lord, alone can wipe out the entire existence of Your people with a word from Your lips, if You so desired it to be so!!! Holy Father, we are at Your mercy. Our lives are not here for ourselves and our selfish tendencies. Our lives are here to serve You, God. They are a gift from You. Thank You, Jesus!!! If You wanted us dead, You would have taken our lives. We are here with purpose and intent for Your Glory, God!!! Hallelujah!!! Grow us into Your presence today, Father. Show us Your abounding Love and grace in our lives. Pour out over us, that we may know You more, Jesus. Our hearts desire You, God. We want to be pleasing to You, in all we think, say, and do. Glory to God!!! Father, we struggle with ourselves and our free will. Help us to be convicted in Your ways. Help us to understand Your promises come with self control and discipline. We need You, Father. Without You our lives are null and void. There is nothing we can do that would ever be enough or right. Father, forgive us!!! We have sinned against You!!! Anytime, we disobey Your word, Your will for our lives, Your calling for us, we have forsaken You. We want to hear Your voice, Father. Speak to our hearts that we may follow Your path for our lives. That without a doubt in our minds and hearts, we know it’s You that has placed us here today, God. We know You, God!!! You are a Way Making God!!! One that never slumbers and is never far away from us. And will never leave us or forsake us!!! Praise Jesus!!! We give all to You today, God. We serve You in our lives. There is no other God before You, Jesus!!! Renew our minds today God. That we may receive You more. Open our hearts to know when Your hand is upon us. Your word tells us that You are faithful to those who seek You. We seek You, Father!!! We are seeking answers through You. We know You are all powerful and Your ways are beyond our abilities to try and understand. But we have faith, Jesus!!! We have faith in You and Your ability. God is my strength!!! Through Christ in me, All things are possible!!! The resurrection power of Christ Jesus, resides in me!!! Hallelujah!!! There is nothing Impossible for You!!! We have the power through You God, to heal, restore, speak life into, to bring about a radical change in people around us, to show the love of Christ through us, to be salt and light in the world, and to preach You through our lives and deliverence Jesus!!! Praise God!!! Father we thank You for healing, restoration, and the changes that are taking place right now. In us, our families, Your Church, and in Your ministry. We thank You for providing for the sick and the needy God. We thank You for Your children that are in other places around the world that are about Your business, God. We pray for strength, endurance, provisions, clarity, and understanding beyond their means. Father we thank You for the Victory and we cry out a warriors cry, coming out of our old ways and coming into a new life in You, Jesus!!! GLORY TO GOD!!! HALLELUJAH!!! THANK YOU, JESUS!!! Nothing is our old selves shall stay. We rebuke ourselves in Jesus Mighty name. We cast all of our concerns, worries, desires, goals, ambitions, and our struggles on to You God. We want the life You have for us today. We take it now, in Jesus Mighty name!!! God we bless and love You!!! In Jesus name we pray. AMEN!!! AMEN!!!