Prayer 3/28/18

God of mercy and Love we come to You with an open heart ready to receive You today, Lord. God we lift You high!!! Hallelujah!!! Father we know who You are. We know You are the only God of the universe!!! You are the cure to any illness, disease, and infirmity God. There is nothing You are not able to do, Lord Jesus!!! We know You are the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We know that You have the power to change anything in existence at Your will, Father. We humbly come before You today God, knowing You are with us. Knowing You have been with us the entire way of our lives. There is nothing hidden from You, God. You can see our hearts, our inperfections, our difficulties, our pain, our desperation, our needs, and our desires Father God. Lord we come to You believing in Your Way Making abilities to make a way where there didn’t seem to be one. To see an out, out of our situations. We ask for a vision Father. A revelation through You Christ Jesus that will supernaturally open our eyes so we may see Your plans for our lives. We submit our will to You, God. There is nothing good in us without You. We have no productivity without You. We can accomplish nothing worth doing without Your hand over our lives, God. We desire Your presence Lord. We want to be in relationship with You. We want to walk with You and trust only in You. God thank You for the trials we go through. Without them we would not be able to grow in Your Awesomeness. We would not be able to see Your strength, if we didn’t need You Father. We need You God!!! We need You, more and more each day as You work out the things in our minds, our flesh, our hearts that is not of You God. We need You to show us how we need to be. Prune us Father, that we may produce more fruit. Your word says we are like bricks placed on a cornerstone which is Jesus Christ and You are molding and shaping us to fit on this wall. Just like we fit in Your Body, Your Church, Your Bride, Jesus. Wash us in Your word that we may be cleansed and made new in You, Jesus!!! We know the blood is all we need to grab hold of to get out of ourselves. It’s not about us, God. It’s about Your Son Jesus and what he has done for us. And what You are in us, and doing through us. Praise Jesus!!! Father we know that Your strength is made perfect in our weakness. Give Billy Ray strength God. Open up his eyes, Lord and let him see You. Help him to be still and listen to Your still small voice. Let him seek You in all areas of his life and seek understanding for things he does not know. You are faithful to those that seek You God. Let him know that if You are for him, then who could be against him. He believes in You God. He knows he is Your son and You are his Father. A Father that has good works started in him and a Father that has plans that are not to harm him, but grow him into the man of God You have intended him to be. Give him vision for what he needs to see. Help guide him to where You would have him go. Give him a sense of when the Spirit Man is trying to move in him. God we thank You for his life!!! We thank You for Your purpose in his life through You, Jesus!!! God we ask for a supernatural movement to happen in his life. I know that You love him dearly, enough to sacrifice Your only Son for his life. For all these years You have kept him safe and didn’t let him ruin his life. God we call upon You today to do miraculous things for him in his life. We know that You are able to any and all things above anything and everything we can even think or imagine!!! Glory to God!!! Father I thank You now for doing these things in his life!!! I thank You for the healing that is taking place right now. The restoration that is happening right now. In Jesus name!!! Father Your name above all names!!! Jesus we worship You!!! Hallelujah!!! Father I lift him and his family up to You, Father. You are their Creator and have all things under Your control. We thank You, God!!! We bless and love You!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray. AMEN!!!