Prayer 3/26/18

Magnificent Father of Heaven and Earth!!! We celebrate You today, Lord!!! Hallelujah!!! We worship You today God!!! Glory to God!!! Father we know You alone are God. You alone are worthy, Jesus!!! You deserve all the glory, honor and praise!!! Thanks be to God!!! Father we praise and lift You high. There is nothing in our lives above You, God. Nothing that we put before You, Jesus. You above all things, Jesus!!! You are the Savior of the world that defeated the grips of death. You are the one that rose from the grave in victory over all things!!! Praise, Jesus!!! Father we are Your humble servants and we are here, because Your will has purpose in our lives. Not that we have purpose in them outside of You. Because, outside of You God there is nothing good in us. We can’t do anything good without You. We need You God!!! We need Your Spirit Man to guide us and help us to know You more. Our hearts desires is to know You more, Jesus!!! We want to be on fire for You for not only what You have done for our lives, but for what You are still doing. Glory to God!!! You have delivered us from the very darkness we were born into. You reach down into the pits of dispare and pulled us out and loved us God. Gracious, Father!!! You cradled us as Your children, Loving Father. You created us in Your image so we could be pleasing to You, Father of Creation!!! We serve only one God. We give ourselves to You, Father. We want to know You more and be about our Father’s business. We are in the world, Lord but not of it. We are to be salt and light in a world of darkness. Help us to radiate the love of Christ in us through our actions toward other people and in our daily lives. Bless us to be a blessing for others. Thank you, God!!! For not giving up on us!!! We struggle with the same things over and over, yet You are patience and wait on us. You wait for us to learn and grow more in You so You can carry us into the next level. We are growing in You God. Your word says we reside in You and You in us. Glory, Father!!! We are apart of something beyond our comprehension. Father we take the plans You have for us in faith, knowing You will carry though. We do not doubt You, God. God we do not want to be outside of Your plans for our lives. Reveal in us a vision for what You require of us. We want to line up with Your will for our lives. We will serve You will all our hearts, all our minds, and all our strength. We want to love each other as You have loved us, Jesus. Break our hearts for what breaks Yours, Jehovah-jireh!!! God we come to You with faith enough to receive. We ask for healing in all aspects of ourselves and our families. Internally, externally, and supernaturally. We know Your ways are above our ways and there is nothing Impossible for You!!! You are not a God we put in a box on the shelf. You are a jealous God that has conquered all of existence!!! The God that save Daniel from being eaten by hungry Lions for praying to You. You are the God of Shadrach Meshach and Abednego that were thrown in the firey furnace to die. You were the 4th man in the firey furnace that save them. They didn’t even smell like smoke or were even singed by the fire. GOD ALMIGHTY!!! You are the God that gives and the God that take away. We praise Your name, Jesus!!! You are the God of the universe!!! Our God that is Mighty to save His people!!! Praise Jesus!!! Glory, Father!!! God, we thank You now for working in our lives. Even when we can’t see You working, You are. Even when we can’t feel You working, You are. Thank You!!! Thank You for having purpose in, with, and through our lives. We bless and love You, Lord!!! In Jesus Mighty name we pray!!! AMEN!!!